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batman beyond spider-man 2099

By m7781
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a couple of cool designs from the future...
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Trunks: Aww, what about me guys?
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just i  want some things about spiderman 2099 and chost in the shell pls
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excellent j'adore
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best futuristic team up ever 
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in my opinion these are easily the best versions of both characters
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I keep thinking the idea of batman beyond came from spider 2099
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thanks a ton!.. real glad you like this!
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Miguel O'Hara and Terry Mcginnis

What's next?
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hmmmff? i dunno?
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Another one of those "Why not" moments.
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why the hell not.. is what i always say.... 
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If Marvel and DC had a cross over movie, the mere concept would bring so much profit for both of them. It's not like they have anything to lose from it.
I'd be really happy if one of those old Spider-Man and Batman comica became an animated movie. Even if it were direct to DVD, my childhood would just be complete.
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They make an unbeatable team.
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and they both look awesome!
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I really like this. As a crossover, I actually like these Characters together. I remembered Batman Beyond. However, I had forgotten about the spider man from the future. I am impressed with the backgrounds and buildings. There is a lot going on here. Now is this your profession ? Or are you trying to break in to the profession to be comic an illustrator? If so, you are very gifted and I think this is the eye catching work that will get you noticed. Have a great weekend!
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thanks for the kind words! real glad you like this... 
i do draw and design as a job... 
this is an old piece from 2010 and probably not the best representation of what i draw... 
but real glad you like it!

thanks again for al the kind words much appreciated!
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My gift is probably not in art as it is in encouraging other people in their artistry. When I see someone's talent as good as yours. I want people to be uplifted and encouraged. I have been I music. Have a music degree. I know what it's like to not get validation for your work. Everyone is so talented here. Hopefully I can learn from others. I just started drawing this summer.
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A crossover btw those two would give 2099 Spidey more cred imo
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true true...
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A most epic team up!
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heck yes...
two of the coolest looking heroes around in my opinion... 
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Yeah MAN! i think SM 2099 should definitely get his own title.
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I LOVE IT     in a not ofencive way
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