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for's the line it is drawn week #271
this weeks theme... The Line Wishes You a Happy Holidays!
the whole feature can be seen here... goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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This is so brilliant I can only gape at the genius.

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Awesome! Great Days of Future Past homage. I like what Logan is giving Rogue, Beast, Iceman, and Jean. I can’t tell what Deadpool is getting, though.
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Wonderful picture!!   For those that remember the original cover... and that awesome story... the BEST x-men story - ever! 
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Hilarious homage! :XD:
VortexOmega's avatar
Now this is how you do a awesome spin on a famous poster. You're fast becoming my new favorite artist on DA. 
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Mixtape for Jean. :D
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Clever take on an iconic comic cover!
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I know I'm a little late/early but that's all kinds of funny
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haha no worries man!
glad you liked it!
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This is just perfect.
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thanks a ton!
ultra glad you like this!
Awesome!! Also, the note on Deadpool was hilarious!
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thanks for the kind words!
hahaha yea.. maybe something nice for deadpool next year... 
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Cyclops gets socks.

All is right with the world.
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LOL! socks for christmas is kind of the raisins for halloween... 
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Psylocke gets pants. "Well. Thanks. My friends will be so jealous."
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Deadpool - NO!
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yea! maybe next year tho.. 
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thanks t.diddy... 
hope you had a most excellent holiday!
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