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CBR: TMNT western

concept by the line it is drawn...
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how much you wanna bet this will lead to a giant mechanical spider thingy
This is fun.  I love all the Western details.
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Anyone else get a 'Young Guns' vibe from this?
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that just made my day. thank you. :D
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and now you've made my day!... 
stay awesome!
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Hahahahahah this is amazing.  There is that one shot of Raphael holstering his sais with his toothpick in the new movie that reminds me so much of a Western   :P
m7781's avatar
come to think of it yes!... i saw the movie and i didnt even make the connection...
pretty lame of me!
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haha nawww you're not lame!  It's easy to miss stuff the first time around  :>
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Now this would be a film I pay good money to see.  
m7781's avatar
i as well.. i as well... 
the only thing i can do is draw these things and hope for the best
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reminds me a lot of turtles in time! :)
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hahah i can see that... 
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I feel like one of them should have had twin sawed-offs, probably Mikey.
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yea... that would be cool as hell...
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The concept is good,but just in my opinion:The foot soldiers must change the blades for guns or you must change the name for TMCT¡
m7781's avatar
my thinking was it would be an east meets west thing...
with the turtles with guns and shredder and the foot soldiers with swords and what not...
steel-worker's avatar
I see,in that way gets more sense,certainly.But I'm still that the turtles must be called cowboys instead ninja.
m7781's avatar
yea... you're definitely right...
i hadn't even thought of that at the time...
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However,still a good idea¡So,does April still as reporter,perhaps as the local newspaper?
I love this so much!
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thanks!!! real glad you dig it!
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