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BleuFear for GTK+ 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 and 3.8

By m4xm4n
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Grab it from my Github: [link]

PPA for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Trisquel etc.

GTK 3.2 for oneiric, GTK 3.4 for precise, GTK 3.6 for quantal, and GTK 3.7/3.8 for raring

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:m4xm4n/bleufear && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install bleufear-theme

AUR Package: (for ArchLinux Users) [link]

Changelog: [link]


BleuFear is a GTK 2/3 theme with a wild streak of electric blue. It is inspired by the design of my site and everything else that fits that color scheme. The name comes from the French word for blue(duh) and the way Americans pronounce the first part of my last name. (Also, it's a dark theme so fear~=dark).

More about me and other projects I have: [link]


  • Copy to /usr/share/themes/ and select it in which ever way you normally do.


  • Run ./deploy.sh (Does the same thing as above, just automagically)


  • Icon theme: Faenza-Darkest

  • GNOME-shell: Elegance Colors

  • Cinnamon Theme: Minty Colors


BleuFear is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.

Thanks To

  • Satyajit Sahoo (satya164) - Reponsible for the Evolve theme, of which BleuFear is based on.

  • Ivan Kasenkov - Made the metacity, xfwm4, and unity theme that I took from his Adwaita-X-Dark.

GTK 3.6: [link]
GTK 3.4: [link]
GTK 3.2: [link]
© 2011 - 2020 m4xm4n
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Invalid link for Arch :(
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Noticed a small glitch. When I start the gnome session (gtk 3.8.1). There's a grey horizontal line under windows. Please look at this pic: [link]

After I restart the shell it disappears somehow. A bit annoying though.
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This is an issue with a lot of GTK themes on GTK 3.8. GTK+ maintainers keep breaking backwards compatibility, so I'm working to figure out some way to resolve it.
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Running xfce4 at the moment and I've noticed scroll bars are quite dark. I can hardly see it....
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On the volume and brightness OSD the progression bar is the same color as the background, meaning I can't see it. Please look into this
m4xm4n's avatar
Which OSD are you using?
snoxu's avatar
The Gnome shell osd
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It's fixed now. Don't know what fixed it though.
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Installed this gtk theme from Archlinux's AUR.

It's is unusable for me. Whenever I open Nautilus it hangs and eventually crashes. As soon as I go back to ADwaita, everything works fine.

Seems like a serious bug here
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Which version of GTK+ are you using?

The git version (and thus the AUR version) requires GTK+ 3.6 (and not 3.7). If you're using 3.4 or 3.2 you will need to clone one of the tagged releases from github.

Unfortunately, because of the way the GNOME/GTK people do things, every new release breaks the theme. I'm still trying to sort out all the things that 3.6 broke.
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Nevermind a system updated has fixed the issue for me.
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This is great, awesome job. May I ask if there is a matching gnome shell theme, or is there a suggested one to use with this?
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Eleganse-Colors looks really great.
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Nevermind, I should just L2R, lol.
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when i press right click in my browserr (google-chrome), an inactive text is very dark and nonreadable. how i can set light color(#bbb for example)?
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ZephoMorsHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great! Plus, it makes it a lot easier to see my screen.
Darker colors/shades > Brighter colors/tints
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Very nice, I might use this with a gnome shell theme I did but I'll change the blue to greenish/yellow if you don't mind. Here is a link to my theme [link] The dark colors match pretty good with the wallpaper. ;)
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Thank you!
You've made a great theme...
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Thanks! I appreciate it.
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