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More dracostryxes!! i got super excited when i was asked to draw an other one again! those are perfect for wing practice
this one isnt really a com but an art trade for a neat kukuri! you guys will see my new kid soon!

Also!! happy new year to everyone!! i wish you all health, happyness and everything you wish for this year! La la la la 

Character © ashenantlers
Art © M4WiE
Dracostryx © ashenantlers 
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Myuniverseinabox's avatar
Gosh I just love the way you drew the wings
And the shading is gorgeous
M4WiE's avatar
aaaahh!! thankyou so much omygosh ;w; <33
Guduler's avatar
Gosh, this is so elegant!! Your lineart and shading marry so well, especially on those feathers ♥ What beauty!!
M4WiE's avatar
ohmygoodness ;w; thankyou so much ahh! <33
Guduler's avatar
TheQueenCryptid's avatar
SO BEAUTIFUL!! You did a fantastic job, thank you so much! :la:
M4WiE's avatar
eeE!! im so happy you like it!! <33
and gosh youre welcome!! ;;w;;
supernat21's avatar
Wow this is awesome keep up the good work
M4WiE's avatar
thanks alot!!
ScarletKnightReterns's avatar
Beautiful ;0: I hope my stryx gets approved soon. 
M4WiE's avatar
aw gosh good luck to you!!
Night-Anders's avatar
Haha if I could afford a commission I'd totally order one of any of my stryxes, you draw them beautifully and really did a great job on this one's pose... then again you'd probably dread it as my stryx designs are a pain in the ass to replicate XD.
M4WiE's avatar
oohmygoshshs ;;w;; thankyou so much ahh! its so kind of you to say! /)w(\
and gosh the more complicated they are the better! ; ))
Night-Anders's avatar
*cough* Hohenheim 10758 You sure? XD

Everyone who looks at my stryx groans at the designs, hahaha.
M4WiE's avatar
ohmygosh EASY! i can do that no problem! ewe
my trick is that i create a small patch of scales/ feathers and i duplicate this layer and model it to fit the anatomy of the creature
and i do that over and over again until the character is coverd in tiny scales or feathers!
Night-Anders's avatar
Heh I've thought about that possibility before whenever people called me crazy in the stryx discord XD. I did, however, draw those spots one by one, by the way. As insane as that may sound, I just really dislike how unnatural the pattern usually turns out when made with a premade brush or duplicating patches, so I thought working on each individual spot would create a more organic look. ^^
M4WiE's avatar
ohyes definitely xD id does look better if drawn individualy but oh man it must have took forever!
but it can still look good too! here i have an exemple of what i mean! [COM] - Is that a gecko?
Night-Anders's avatar
Yeah it definitely can, it's just that I personally struggle with making it look good. I have patience to draw spots one by one and even find that a super relaxing activity, so I don't mind taking the more difficult route XD. I'm not sure how long I took to finish that design as I took a break in the middle... I think I worked on it for about 3 weeks.
M4WiE's avatar
ohmygoodness you have the patience of a saint
give me some please xD i should practice making more of those definitely!

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