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My Bio

I draw when i can, Dragons, Creatures and characters, you name it. Not always here but i come back often~ (ノ>ヮ<)ノ:・゚✧

If you are interested in commissioning me check out my commish price guide!

Like most self taught artists, i started drawing whatever i had in mind at a very young age. With time i started fixating on dinosaurs and fantasy creatures (still do!) and felt the need to share my creations with the world. In 2006 I created a DeviantArt account and within a few years i opened my commissions. I am still to this day very productive in taking in orders and bringing to life your characters as well as mine!

I learned everything by myself and never took an art course that did a significant change in my life. I learned by getting heavily inspired by other artists amazing artworks, watching heavy fantasy movies and the wildlife around us to eventually bring to life my very own style.

I work with a wacom intuos 5 touch along with the program PaintToolSai, ClipStudioPaint and occasionally Photoshop.

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many people to fit here
Favourite Movies
The Jurassic park franchise
Favourite TV Shows
Game of thrones (season 8 does not exist to me)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Tame impala and Overwerk
Favourite Books
Any dinosaur books
Favourite Games
The isle, Pokemon, minecraft and Metroid
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Switch and New 3DS XL
Tools of the Trade
Paint tool sai, Photoshop and Clip studio paint

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Hey there! I stumbled into byubuus awhile back, finally decided I like them so much that I made a base with all the traits. Would it be alright if I made free adopts to give away? Following the traits & rarities ref sheet of course ♥

oof sorry for the late reply, but of course! make as many a you want! <3

as long as you do not sell them i dont see an issue!

Hello there! I remembered that I discovered you ages ago, back when I was still a fresh teen. I was really interested in your Byuboos back then. Now many years have passed. I am curious what happened to these little creatures? Are they still around?

ohmygosh its been a long time ago aww!im happy you still like them <3

The byubuu species are still active... somewhat. I do not have as much time as i used to have back then to take proper care of the species so as a result they are now open! so you can make your own <3

I still do, yes! Back then I tried to get my hands on one. It was a Draw to adopt! That was what... 5-6 years ago xD

So Byubuu are an open species now? That's so awesome! Do I need to know anything before creating one? It's been so long, I still remember that they have traits and all that, common, uncommon and rare traits. If you still have the species sheet for the Byubuu, I'd love to see I, need a refresher xD But yes, what are the rules when creating one, if there are any?

oh wow!! that really was a while ago haha!

yes they are! you may create a byubuu with any traits besides the epic ones! here is the reference! There is no rules on colorations/patterns so go wild!

Byubuu traits and rarities

as for the species ref you can look at the group front page, the ref is here: https://www.deviantart.com/byubuus

There was a owner list, but its been too hard to keep up with them all so dont pay attention to it, i wiil delete it eventually. You dont have to, but id love to see what you come up with!

Now that i see the species again i am filled with nostalgia haha! i havent looked at them for a long time.

who knows! those silly birds might make a return someday <3

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Hiya! Just another artist who came across your work and it’s REMARKABLE! Nice job!🙂👍🏼