The Towers of Etheria need colors!!
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This low-res version of the hyper-detailed lineart by Joe Teanby for the Towers Of Etheria project is a sample of what is currently in need of a color artist! Send me a note if you want to join us for the artwork of this expansion of the Princess Of Power Universe.

See the Hi-res version here!

As the Towers of Eternia feature good (Grayskull), Evil (Viper) and balance (Central), the Towers of Etheria feature magic (Crystal), science (Fright) and a "middle point" which changes every time the Side Towers appear on the surface of the planet.

In this specific event, the Side Towers appeared at the Crystal Falls site, and their power trasformed the landscape into the Falls Tower, featuring dangers such as the carnivorous flower and wonders such as the Omnipresence Mirror (whose surface sometimes shows two baleful red eyes floating in a corridor of infinite darkness).
The Crystal Waters have been transformed as well, rejecting the Rebellion's magical users, and becoming a crystalizing threat for the Horde Technology.
As soon as the Side Towers vanished, looking for another building to transform, the Falls Tower remains forever changed, adopting the name of Crystall Falls palace.
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