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Untold Marvels - PDF - Whatever Happened to the...




Art by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Story & lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Welcome to the PDF collecting the stories that bridge the original G1 Marvel comics and the latest Regeneration One series written by Simon Furman for IDW.

The main goal of this collection is putting the G1 UK stories back into continuity, making them work with the "rules" set by Regeneration One.
Great adventures such as Time Wars and Target: 2006 simply cannot be abandoned and forgotten!

Classic characters such as Spanner, Macabre, Emirate Xaaron and Ultra Magnus are about to interact as they never did before, on a chessboard controlled by Primus and Unicron!
In a not-so-distant future, the Last Autobot will tie up the threads of their adventure, setting the premise for explaining where the Cybertronians went during the Unicron Battle.
After that, Optimus Prime and Galvatron will reveal a major secret behind the birth of Rodimus Prime!



A tribute to the cover of issue G1 Marvel US #69, "Eye of the Storm", known as "The Gathering Storm".
There's an exclamation mark covering Primus' face in the middle of the page, just as a question mark covered the Megatron/Ratchet hybrid of the original cover.

UK 261.1 Whatever Happened to the Cybertronians?

For continuity notes and behind-the-scenes facts of chapters 1-3, see the online version:
1. Spanner
2. Macabre
3. Emirate Xaaron

4. Ultra Magnus

On an already infected planet, Ultra Magnus is attacked by an Empty!

This is Ultra Magnus' first appearance after the events of G1 Marvel Uk #171, "Deadly Games!".

Having been dead for quite a long time, Macabre is not aware that Space Bridges don't work any more-- unless they are authorized by the supreme controller Spanner, who was tasked to do that by Primus himself.

5. The Vanishing

The title of this episode was taken from the cover of G1 Marvel US #74, "Out of Time!". That issue features the same "mass teleportation" of our one-pager.
As that event was an act of Primus' will, you can bet that Spanner was the one who performed that!

Emirate Xaaron remains on Cybertron, inside an Autobase that will be later attacked by another of Unicron's minions: Galvatron.

Ultra Magnus and Macabre, locked in an eternal fight inside a dimensional corridor, are a reference to an episode of Star Trek (the original series) known as “The Alternative Factor”.

As revealed in ReGeneration One #94, "Destiny" (part 5), Ultra Magnus is known as "Cybertron's Greatest Warrior". A possible origin of that nickname can be seen here, thanks to Emirate Xaaron.

US 80.1 The Never Ending Road

Right after the end of the original G1 Marvel series, the Autobots returned to Cybertron from Klo...but the planet was supposed to be deserted.
Where were all its inhabitants, if you don't count the Autobots and the Decepticons?
The Last Autobot provides the answer, connecting once again official events (Unicron's destruction) to fancomic-based events (Macabre's virus).

The title of this episode is a nod to G1 Marvel US #80, "End of the Road!".

And "it never ends", as this is just a prelude to Regeneration One.

US 96.1 Predestined

Speaking of Regeneration One, here is our first fancomic set directly into the R1 timeline.
So far, all our previous "tie ins" took place during the original series' timeline.

Each panel features a classic event from a different official comic.
Panel 1: Galvatron attacks Unicron, in G1 Marvel US #74, "On the Edge of Extinction!"
Panel 2: Kup faces a simulated version of Galvatron during a training session, in Regeneration One #81, "Loose Ends" (part 1)
Panel 3: Galvatron has just defeated Optimus Prime, in G1 Marvel UK #205, “Time Wars” (part 7)
Panel 4: in "present time", Optimus Prime meets Rodimus Prime for the first time, in Regeneratione One #96.
Panel 5: using the Matrix as a conduit, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime meet during “Time Wars”.

Now you know that at least some G1 Marvel UK stories fit with the R1 continuity, and how they can do that!

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