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US G1 Untold Marvels 96.1 - Predestined



Art by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Story & lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Tying directly into Regeneration One, this is the first fancomic that attempts to retcon the fact that the G1 Marvel UK stories are not acknownledged as a part of the RG1 continuity.
Those stories were ignored for commercial reasons, but as they were written by the same RG1 writer, they share with RG1 more than just some characters. They are an essential part of the original myth, and they just can't be put aside like that.

Each panel of this "Predestined" features a classic event from a different official comic.

Panel 1: Galvatron attacks Unicron, in G1 Marvel US #74, "On the Edge of Extinction!"

Panel 2: Kup faces a simulated version of Galvatron during a training session, in Regeneration One #81, "Loose Ends" (part 1)
(Have you ever wondered how Kup and the others could know of Galvatron, if the G1 Marvel UK events never took place?)

Panel 3: Galvatron has just defeated Optimus Prime, in G1 Marvel UK #205, “Time Wars” (part 7)

Panel 4: in "present time", Optimus Prime meets Rodimus Prime for the first time, in Regeneratione One #96.

Panel 5: using the Matrix as a conduit, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime meet during “Time Wars”.

This story is also available in the collected edition "Whatever Happened To The Cybertronian", which features even more lost characters from the original saga, such as Ultra Magnus, Emirate Xaaron, Spanner and Macabre.

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Great work!  The TF UK comics had some of the best stories ever written, a lot better than a lot of stuff I'm reading at the moment, and really shouldn't be ignored.
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Thank so much!
And I couldn't agree more with you, of course (but I'm biased).
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