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US G1 Untold Marvels #50.1 - (UN)-AcceptableLosses


Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Lineart by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Colors by Chris Ludwig :iconclu-art:

Edits by Heather Smith :iconha-heeprime:


Updated version note: Just to avoid messing up with continuity, we removed Cyclonus from panel 1, replacing him with Slugslinger (another Targetmaster, after all!).
What about Long Haul, though? Was he killed during the Underbase battles? We mean not only the final one, but the first clash between Ratbat's and Scorponok's forces as well!
Or maybe Long Haul was wounded at the end of the Moon Battle in G1 Marvel US #40, "Totaled!"?

Inked page.

This one-pager addresses one minor unexplained detail of the new Regeneration One maxiseries by Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman and Guido Guidi.
In that series, Megatron conquers and devastates Earth thanks to a huge army of reactivated Decepticons who fell during the G1 Marvel run. Mostly, those mechs were killed during the Underbase saga. At the end of that Saga it was stated that each faction would have collected their fallen mechs.
Bu then, why the Regen One series reveal that Megatron salvaged those "ex-bots" from the Ark?
(See Regeneration One #83).

This comic also belongs to the Untold Marvels series, a collection of extra adventures set in G1 Marvel US+UK continuity. Don't miss the extra-long "Last Autobot prequel" G1 US 78.5 - The Last Quest.

The New Jersey swapms is where Scorponok will locate is new base, in the following G1 Marvel US issues.

This page was originally presented as a Multiverse piece.
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That's the Prime I remember!
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Thanks! That's a much appreciated comment :)
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Thanks! You're the first to notice that one!
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non avevo neanche colto il piccolo "buco" della deposizione dei corpi nell'Arca ;D complimenti! Ed è sempre bello vedere in azione Powermaster Optimus alleato a Scorponok...o meglio (mega?)Zarak, visto il distinguo che fa ora Furman, non solo di corpo ma anche di personalità.

Tra l'altro questo acuisce ENORMEMENTE i sensi di colpa del povero Optimus, davvero un leader che per fare la cosa giusta se le cerca proprio ;D
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Grazie, ma posso accettare? Anche la Wiki riporta il fatto...

La storia doveva servire a far stare zitti gli odia-Furman della rete, ma poi ho deciso che doveva essere Furmaniana anche nell'affrontare il dilemma... Kup non è lì a caso :D
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