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UK G1 not-Marvel 161.5 page 1

By M3Gr1ml0ck
ISSUE 161.5


Lineart by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Colors by Niki Neigebauer :iconafrolady114:

Story & lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Expanding our non-Marvel G1 tribute, after the Regeneration One not-prequel, here goes a different kind of spin off, one whose storyline is deeply rooted in some classic and truly epic stories that were created for the UK branch of the classic Generation one saga!

As revealed by the issue references in the notes to this page (references that are in the classic style of the 1980s), this "new" episode takes place right after G1 Marvel UK #160-161, "Salvage".
But the main event of this page is the return of Samuel "Sammy" Harker, the kid that used to dream about Transformers in G1 Marvel UK #9-12, "The Man of Iron"!
Why was he able to do such a thing? What kind of connection did he have with Cybertronian life?
And why he cannot be seen by the Decepticons, even if he's walking among them?

Shockwave and Snaptrap are doing a little Sheldon/Penny joke in a tribute to The Big Bang Theory. But there's also the logic of Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock!

In the original US run, the Seacons were seen working for Ratbat. In the UK comics, they were seen working for Shockwave, even though the fact that Shockwave was still alive was supposedly a secret. Why didn't the Seacon inform Ratbat?
The answer is revealed now: because they are mercenaries and will keep their mouth shut for the right price!

Chek out our uber Transformers comics blog!

Bonus: Original lineart.
Bonus 2: Unlettered page.
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Shouldn't they be "Deceptiguns"? ;P
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What's this, Autonomous Guns???