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UK G1 - Untold Marvels #261.11 - Spanner

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Published: July 20, 2014
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G1 UK #261.11

Art by Joe Teanby

Story & lettering by Franco Villa


Original art.

Featuring a title that is a tribute to one of Superman's most classic adventures, this comic is part of the original G1 Marvel continuity, aiming to merge the US and UK universes with the latest Regeneration One maxiseries.

Engineer Spanner and the Space Bridge were revealed to be one and the same in the milestone issue G1 Marvel US #18, "The Bridge To Nowhere!".
The Autobot who failed to put Spanner out of his misery is Blaster.

"Spark Cores" didn't exists in the original G1 universe. The cartoon had "Laser Cores", while the comics had nothing... unless that "Life Spark" mentioned by Cyclonus in Target: 2006 means something. We think it does!

Regeneration One revealed the existence of Zero Space. Could it be that a Zero Space implies a Zero Time?

Primus awakened on Cybertron in G1 Marvel US #61, "The Primal Scream".

Primus is "pulling a Unicron" in panel 4, creating his own herald. Couldn't he just use that cranky Keeper?

Primus is apparently bothered by what transpired in G1 Marvel US #60, "Yesterday's_Heroes!". That's where Ratchet and Megatron come from: in Zero Time, they look like they haven't been merged into one messy body by the explosion (yet).

Apparently, Space Bridges and Trans-Dimensional Warps (see G1 Marvel US #54, "King Con!") were disabled by Primus'intervention: that's why no one used them to travel to Cybertron and back after "The Primal Scream!".

The UK numbering of this miniseries is related to the fact that G1 Marvel US #61 was serialized in issues #259-260-261 of the G1 UK run.

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This comic was first published as a Multiverse piece (direct link).
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Great collab.  Love the panel layout on this.