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Transformers G1 - Primacron's Quintesson Shell


Lineart by Milad Taleghani :iconmulti-comics:

Colors by Jason Nangle :icongambits-wild-card:

Concept by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Is Primacron just a monkey-lizard in a space suit?
How could such a ridiculous being accomplish the feat of creating the Dinobots and the other Primitives (or at least their Laser Cores)?

The Unicron-empowered Starscream was able to answer these questions when he tried to steal Primacron's latest creations, and he was quite scared by what he found out, as you can see in the fancomic "An Army Of Darkness" of our G1 Season 4: "An Italian Detour" online series.

As suggested by his Assistant, Primacron is cyclically possessed by a creation frenzy that drives him to build new Transformers.
When these frenzies come to pass, one of the two forces behind Primacron takes over, breaking the usual balance.
If it's the force of Creation to take control, then Primacron will create beings that fight for life, such as the Primitives.
If it's the force of Destruction that has the upper hand, then Primacron will create beings of Destruction, such as Unicron's Entropy Heralds.

What are these forces, and why did they create Primacron?
The answer in the still not-produced "Primacron's Origin" comic of this very same series.
In this story, it is revealed that Primacron is an energy being, and his physical appearance is a mere Pretender shell, a temporary form that allows him to interact with the physical universe.
Primacron went through different avatars during the eons, and one of them was pretty useful when he had to deal with the Quintessons in order to talk them into creating the first Cybertronians.
That form is the same you are looking at right now: the so called "Quintesson Shell"!

For a guide to the saga, see the notes to Monster Consultant.
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