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G1 US47.1 - Swashbuckling With GrandSlam - Eng

By M3Gr1ml0ck
G1 US #47.1

Story & art by Joe Teanby

Edits and lettering by Franco Villa


The now classic issue G1 Marvel US #47, "Club Con!" featured a fairly unlikely plot about two Autobots reaching Earth in the 19th Century in order to alert Optimus Prime about the upcoming Underbase arrival.
The Underbase threat was ultimately vanquished, giving Simon Furman some ideas for the epic finale of Regeneration One, but no one cared much about the aforementioned Autobots: GrandSlam and RainDance, who spent centuries in stasis amidst the sunken treasures of a forgotten pirate.
But did they remain completely inactive all the time? As seen in the Movie-verse continuity, Energon can regenerate, in time: maybe they managed to reactivate for brief periods, living some forgotten adventure alongside humans!

Why did the avian audio frequency awaken GrandSlam? Maybe it reminded him of his Decepticon counterpart duo, BeastBox and Squawktalk.

GrandSlam and his parnter are also the main characters of a "Cassette Combiner Trilogy" featured in Seeds Of Deception: Short Stories.

From the same creators, check out Spotlight: Bombshell.

This comic belongs to the Untold Marvels series, a collection of extra adventures set in the classic G1 Marvel US+UK continuity.
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Yeah, those Cybertronian Earth cassettes in a treasure chest always striked me as... dubious.
GBscientist's avatar
Not only do I find the content amusing, but the artwork fits the setting as well.
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Thanks very much. Its a bit different to my usual style. I wasn't going to colour it originally, but I tried out some brush pens and I thought they gave it a real old-style comic look.
GBscientist's avatar
TF-The-Lost-Seasons's avatar
Haha, hilarious! Awesome work guys!
JoeTeanby's avatar
I really appreciate all your work on this. Was a bit of an experiment for me after re-reading some of the Classic Transformers comics.
I found it so ridiculous (yet awesome!) that Grandslam and Raindance would end up in a Pirates treasure chest... there just had to be a story in there. :)
F-for-feasant-design's avatar
I've been thinking about cassettes all day, and now Grandslam turns up! excellent!

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