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G1 US 145.1 - Left Behind

G1 UK #145.1

Art and story by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Colors by Esther Pimentel :icongeekgilmu:

Lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


First published in the Transformers: Multiverse project.

Featuring Quickswitch, the Autobot answer to Sixshot, this story takes place during the events of the G1 Marvel US: Headmasters miniseries.
In an attempt to break the endless circle of death and war, Fortress Maximus led a large number of Autobot from Cybertron to planet Nebulos.
Quickswitch was part of the same group of toys, but he was left out of the cast, and never appeared in the G1 Marvel US saga.
His only appearance in the original Marvel run took place in G1 Marvel UK #240, "Out to Lunch!".
For this reason, this one-pager follows the UK numbering, as issue G1 Marvel UK #145 was the last to feature the reprint of the G1 Marvel US Headmasters miniseries.

In his search for the Autobots of the spaceship Steelhaven, Quickswitch visits various planets.

1. Planet Quintessa is the home of the Quintessons, created for the G1 cartoons (starting with the movie) and never featured in the timeline of the G1 Marvel US comics. Even so, it was featured in the G1 Marvel UK stories (such as "Space Pirates!"), whose timeline also intertwined many times with the 2006 future of TFTM86.
With its rivers full of Sharkticons and Allicons, Quintessa is the perfect place for Quickswitch's boat mode.

2. Planet Junk was likewise created for the animated universe of the G1 toys, and was first seen in TFTM86.
For the same reasons provided for Quintessa, Junk exists in the present timeline of the G1 Marvel saga.

3. Chaar is the dead planet where the Decepticon took shelter after their devastating defeat in TFTM86.
Often featured in Season 3 of the G1 cartoon, it's another world that exists in the present timeline of the G1 Marvel saga, although completely uninhabited.

4. Gorlam Prime was created by Simon Furman for the IDW G1 comics, starting with Spotlight: Nightbeat.
A less evolved counterpart of Gorlam Prime exists in the G1 Marvel universe, even though it never played a relevant role in the Transformers saga.

5. Nebulos is, of course, the same planet of the G1 Marvel US: Headmasters miniseries!

You may also notice a slight resemblance between this one-pager and Spotlight: Sixshot (by Simon Furman and Rob Ruffolo), another story about a six-changer visiting dead worlds.

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Your very welcome!
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great on all Levels :nod:
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Ottime note esplicative, ora mi é tutto chiaro. ;-)
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Great little story that ties in nicely.
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