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G1 - SoD - Axer






Lineart by Gianluca Gamba :iconjazzluca:

Colors by Navtej Heer :iconhellbat:

Background texture: Seamless Texture Circuit


Before becoming an Action Master, uncapable of transform but powered beyond belief by the wondrous Nucleon, Axer was an average Cybertronian with an ordinary alt mode...
...which is revealed here for the first time!
Also, the cybertronian version of his motorbike: a heavily armed/equipped space-bike with warp drive, capable of traveling across a solar system.

A bounty hunter by nature, Axer prefers the term "freelance peacekeeping agent", yes?

Often used by the Decepticon High Command to hunt down or eliminate key Autobots, Axer also finds time for personal missions that he performs in secret, sharing information only with other truly double-faced Decepticons (such as DoubleDealer).

The compartments of his space-bike are full of modifications, upgrades, power-chips and other exclusive tech that Axer took from the bodies of the targets he selected specifically for their unique features.
Having been online for millennia, Axer (just like any other Cybertronian) has piled-up an unimaginable amount of knowledge and skills: as an average engineer, he was able to adapt his trophies to his own body only, often making sure they self-destruct if used by someone else.

For a long time, Axer has been craving a tropy from one of the Autobots' most elusive assets: Metroplex, the space-city whose secret location changes too quickly for him to get there in time.
The amazing security protocols and sentient defenses of Metroplex are just a challenge too big for Axer to ignore.
See Axer in action in the latest chapter of SoD: Metroplex, "The Transmogrification Occurrence" (an episode also featuring the spectacular upgrades of Scamper and Slammer!).

More in the Transformers G1 profiles and art folder.
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He kind of reminds me of Breakdown.