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PoP/MotU - L'avvento delle torri - pagina 63

PoP/MotU - L'avvento delle torri - pagina 62

PoP/MotU - L'avvento delle torri - pagina 61

PoP/MotU - L'avvento delle torri - pagina 60

Karnifex 11-13 PDF: Bastard Cop + Boomerang Trap

Princess of Power - First Ones: Esoterion

Karnifex 24 - The Bastard Cop Rebalance - p 3

Karnifex 24 - The Bastard Cop Rebalance - p 2

Karnifex 24 - The Bastard Cop Rebalance - p 1

PoP/MotU - The Coming of the Towers - page 63

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Get a Life presents: Hyperuranion Carrier

Get a Life presents the Z Guardian 2.0

Get a Life presents the biker superhero

Dieci anni di Cronache di Vector Sigma!

Stop SOPA and PIPA

A Gordian Knot preview

Generation One: In Thy Image - preview

Xmas Ratchet

Frenzy versus Jem and Synergy

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p09 ITA

SoD Jetfire Grimlock p15 bw

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p01 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p02 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p03 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p04 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p05 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p06 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p07 ITA

SoD Jetfire-Grimlock p08 ITA

Seeds Of Deception - Starscream - page11 - Ita

SoD Starscream - page 13 - ITA

SoD Starscream page 7 ITA

SoD Starscream page 01 ITA

SoD Starscream page 2 ITA

SoD Starscream page 3 ITA

Starscream page 4 ITA

SoD Starscream page 5 ITA

Horde War Teaser

Fortress Maximus City-Mode

Scorponok City-Mode

Transformers G1 Sentinel Prime

Colours on Nick Roache's Impactor

Ordalia 5-25

We are Venom! .. in color

Gal55 Future Conditional page 5

Gal55 Future Conditional page 4


SoD Starscream page 3 ITA

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Favourite cartoon character: Rodimus Prime
Personal Quote: "As an Autobot... no, as a thinking being, to fight must be the last alternative." (not mi

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Hmm. The Ring (USA version)
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Valerio Evangelisti
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Transformers, sci-fi, Supernatural, literature, Elio & le Storie Tese, anime, DC comics

The Horde War: teaser

The Horde War: teaser

Before He-Man and Skeletor, before She-Ra and Hordak (well, sort of), before the Masters of The Universe, the Heroic Warriors and the Great Rebellion... A young King Randor just married the Earthling astronaut Marlena, the Sorceress had left Grayskulll... and the Horde invaded Eternia. How did Man-At-Arms and Randor manage to muster the forces to fight back and repel the invasion?

Transformers G1: the Queen's Gambit - Finale

Transformers G1: the Queen's Gambit - Finale

Transformers: The Lost Seasons presents the final 5 pages of The Queen's Gambit, a story that takes place in Season 2.5 of the Transformers G1 animated series. She thinks Optimus Prime is "hot". She commands an endless swarm of Insecticons who don't look like Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell. She emerged from the depths of Cybertron, and her machinations have already trapped Optimus Prime and Elita-1. She is the Insectiqueen, and she is a survivor of an age so distant that it was erased from memory and history! It's now up to a small group of Earth-based Autobots -- and the remaining Female Autobots -- to free their leaders! Featuring Iron

L'avvento delle Torri: atto 24

L'avvento delle Torri: atto 24

Nell'atto 24, la Battaglia per le Cascate di Cristallo vede una svolta inattesa. La Torre della Cascata rivela il proprio potere... e la coppia Perfuma e Peekablue scatena un assalto contro l'esercito dell'Horde che lascia sbalorditi persino Netossa ed Extendar! Continua l'incredibile fumetto dei fan di PRINCESS OF POWER / MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (LA PRINCIPESSA DEL POTERE / I DOMINATORI DELL'UNIVERSO) "L'AVVENTO DELLE TORRI"

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Thanks for the faves Franco :)

JP-V Traditional Artist
Hello Franco, I hope your well. Thank you very much for the recent faves!!:happybounce: 
Clu-artHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for faving Franco! :D

Autumn Hell Wallpaper by Clu-art
Grazie mille del :+fav:! :w00t:
Hi, I found your page for your He man comic, it seems beautiful, great work!

I also love the 80s!  Thank you!
M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Thank you very much for checking out our MotU/PoP fancomic!
On the contrary, thanks to you, this was not only a labor of love, but it was awesomely drawed, you are a talented artist!