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You are Invited! Join the Chain!

Pongorama is trying something new and we're excited about it, too!

It's a 'Chain Pong' and YOU ARE INVITED!

Go check out the announcement here:

Need Your Help :)

NEW GROUP - Needs your love :)

If you share Mandelbulb3D parameters, we'd appreciate if you could also post into the correct gallery (by software version number) into this group, too!

Also, if you spot a great piece out there, with shared parameters, please do add the image to the right gallery.

NEW VISUAL FORMULA REFERENCE gallery! Please consider submitting your single-function renders to this gallery :)…












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Need a place to start with M3D! We got parameters! Want to share your great M3D fractal parameters? Please do! We LOVE to share.
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Pongorama is trying something new and we're excited about it, too!

It's a 'Chain Pong' and YOU ARE INVITED!

Go check out the announcement here:
Here is where we will be keeping a list of resources. This can point to other great lists of resources too :)
If you have a great resource that you know of, just add a comment with your resource and a link to it (along with a description, of course!) and we'll add it to this list!

  1. :iconm3d-parameters: The M3D Gallery here at

    Link -->…

  2.  The Visual Formula Reference Gallery here at

    Link -->…

  3. :iconmandelbulb3d: Great place for all things M3D

    They have a resource folder full of stuff!
    Link -->…

  4. The M3D area on

    Link -->…

    Parameters Link -->…

  5. Tutorials on YouTube

    Link -->…

  6. :icondark-beam: Some great stuff from dark-beam

    Link -->…

  7. :iconhaltenny: Go through HalTenny journal entries and his galleries.

    You will find an amazing amount of great information there.

  8. Ricky Jarnagin's collection of parameters

    Link -->…

  9. :iconbatjorge: Parameters from batjorge

    Parameter Pack For Mandelbulb 3d by batjorge
    Pongs with Undead-Academy :iconundead-academy: Link -->…

  10. :iconundead-academy: Parameters from Undead-Academy

    Pongs with batjorge :iconbatjorge: Link -->…
    **Patty is uploading to our gallery here but that will take time!

  11. :iconrowratty: Parameters from Rowratty

    Wonderful formulas for "Triffidium", flowers, trees/roots and other cool stuff.
    Link -->…

  12. :iconzrosemarie: Parameters from Rosemarie Edwards zrosemarie

    M3D with Parms Gallery Link -->…

  13. :icontrenton-shuck: Parameters from Trenton Shuck Trenton-Shuck

    Link -->…

  14. :iconmandelbulbers: Parameters from group gallery at Mandelbulbers

    Link -->…

  15. :iconfractal-resources: Parameters from group gallery at Fractal-Resources

    Link --> fractal-resources.deviantart.c…

  16. Journals by Rowratty (former DA-member)

    Link -->…

  17. Parameters collected by  :icondsynegrafix:

    Link -->…

  18. global search for deviations with parameters

    Link -->…

AND here is a video I made showing what the effect R Bailout has on rendering a fractal:

In this example I used a pretty high Iteration count (4600) because I wanted to make sure I was showing all the details. Pay attention to the R Bailout value and watch how the fractal builds out. The building is not linear, and will depend on the fractals you are using. AND you can see by these images that just by changing ONE number in your render, you may end up with an entirely different looking fractal!
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MarysFractals Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I have ben having some problems with my program, for some reason when I use someone's else parameters my program can't seem to find the formulas they use and yet I have the formulas. Can someone please help figure this out.

Many thanks for any help
Ancient--One Featured By Owner Edited Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm having the same problem.

If you find a solution, would you share with me?  send to .
  Thank you.
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thank you for the new request :)
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PaMonk Featured By Owner Edited Jun 28, 2016  Professional Artist
Many thanks for the Request.:dalove:
but I have noticed that it was placed in a version Mb 1.9
it was done in version 1.8 and not v1.9 Just thought I would mention
did not want any confusion but thanks so much
Sabine62 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016
Very welcome, Barbara :heart: And thank you for pointing me to the right folder! It always says in the parameters that it's version 18, no matter if it's 19.0 or 19.1 :} I'll move it to the right place right away!
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