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captain rodimus
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The lightingggggggg La la la la 
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This is brilliant. So much talent.
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I know this comment is VERY late.. But awesome job X3 I still can never draw like that ;-;

He's so cuteeeee X3 Luv dat smile.
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I want to hug him 😄
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No! Me first! *wraps her tiny arms around the orange leader's neck, wanting another piggyback ride around the Lost Light*
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This is great! 
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This is ridiculously amazing........................Love CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon la in love 
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Rodimus is rad-imus. :)
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It sounds SOOOOOOOOO cool XD
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I just noticed, the flag has his face on it! XD
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i love how carelessly he treats the flag.  i believe it enhances the fact how irresponible he can be. :)
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Sweet Rodimus pic! I love the detail! I love his pose of confidence, he looks very proud. Frisky, even! :D And I can't help but smile when I see him smiling like that! Gotta love the young captain of the Lost Light! 

I like how the light plays on his armor, too. Nice touch with the flag he is holding, very cute! It's got his face on it! XD Rodimus is quite handsome in this pic. :) 

Lovely job! This looks amazing! :la:
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Very good. Of what is he captain?
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Now I feel stupid. Ofcourse!!! ;-)
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Rodimus is one of my favorite character.

Thank you :D

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