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Tales Of Y-Gakuen - Simulation Game

By M31rU-Ch4N
Tales of Y-Gakuen - Simulation GAME!!

Yes *v*~ I decided to make a Simulation Game of it!
And it's finally done!!
The chars are the combination of all of Tales of series game!

This is the Chapter 1.
Yes, each chapter only consist of a game.
So if this story have many chapters, that means there will be more game of this.

If you want to play the next chapter:
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3 (DEMO2):…

You can download the Chapter 1 here.
The total of the game size is 80mb.
And I've already make the winrar part into 2 parts.
And each part contain about 40mb.
And good news for you Mac user, you can now play it XD!!

It's all thanks to Ren'Py program.

Game Download:

Part 1:…
Part 2:…

Without parts -All in one- (UPDATED 18/02/14): 
Google Drive:…

You need to extract the winrar/winzip first.
You can download winrar here.…

(for windows XP/Vista/Seven)
1. Download all of the 2 parts first, make sure the download is not failed.
2. Extract one of the part and it will automatically combined all of the parts into a folder.
3. Open the folder till there will be a folder that has so many folder in it.
4. Open the application of "TalesOfYGakuenChap1" or TalesOfYGakuenChap1.exe that has Jude, Yuri, and Luke icon in that folder.
5. Then you can start play the game with opening that application.
6. DO NOT OPEN the "GAME" folder since you can't play the game from there.
7. You can also play the game from the shortcut from the earlier folder (But not for Mac user).

It's a program to make a simple simulation or doujin game.
And yes, I made it with Ren'Py's help X3!
But still.. It's hard to make a game like this you know TvT~

This game is about... Yes! A Boys school of Tales of series!

-Red color means 2nd year / Sophomore:
Jude, Luke, Lloyd, Asch, Senel, Asbel
-Green color means 3rd year / Senior:
Yuri, Flynn, Zelos, Guy, Cless, Chester, Richard
-Light Blue color means 1st yeat / Junior:
Ruca, Spada, Mao, Emil, Hubert, Genis

Principal + Combat - Kratos (S)
2nd Homeroom + 2nd Math - Alvin (X)
3rd Homeroom + Biology - Duke (V)
1st Homeroom - Ricardo (I)
3rd Math - Raven (V)
Science + Spell + Doctor - Jade (A)

The main yaoi pair here are:
Alvin x Jude (Xillia)
Asch x Luke, Guy x Luke, Jade x Luke (Abyss)
Kratos x Lloyd, Zelos x Lloyd (Symphonia)
Flynn x Yuri, Raven x Yuri (Vesperia)

Other yaoi pair:
Chester x Cress (Phantasia)
Spada x Ruca (Innocence)
Asbel x Richard (Graces)
Hubert x Asbel (Graces)

But Chapter 1 only consist of:
Jude, Alvin, Luke, Asch, Guy, Jade, Yuri, Flynn, Raven, Lloyd, Zelos, and Kratos.

And you can choose 3 storyline here!
Jude's path, Luke's path, and Yuri's path.

Although the main story is on Jude's, but Luke and Yuri have other story too.
And the Chapter 1 have no M-rated scene yet TvT.

That's all for the list. If you want me to add more chars, tell me.
And please do comments here and tell me what do you think with this game X3~
If you want me to make the next chapter, please tell me too.

Enjoy the game 0v0~
Also... This is a New Year's gift from me.
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ciruzza's avatar
I tried download it but it doesn't work on windows 10, ;;
Is there any other way?
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
But have you download it? Since i noticed some of the links are expired, but the google chrome one still working.
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
I guess it's still not compatible with windows 10 yet QvQ?
I'm sorry... I guess you should try playing it at other pc or laptop...?
ciruzza's avatar
It's amazing that you would do something as great as this,putting all your effort into this is amazing :) I like it so much!
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
Thank you XD and thank you for playing it too o3ob
mmzter's avatar
Oh!! I like your game <3
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
Ah thank you XD! And thank you for playing!
CuteCat213's avatar
Um, I'd like to play, but your winrar thing needs updated because it says it can't be found...
crazygayboy's avatar
Really nice chapter 1.
Kikaharu's avatar
for Chapter 1 I cant get all the pictures for Yuri's path
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
VoicelessW1nter's avatar
I can't  download the mediafire part 2!!! im putting the correct password in all and its not downloading!!! help!!!
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
Have you managed to download it?
VoicelessW1nter's avatar
Yes thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarkSignerYusei's avatar
This sounds really cool. Hopefully it will work for me!
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
Hope you enjoy it~
SusanaMasiel's avatar
I don't understand, I can't play with that ok? I can only play with Jade, Luke and Yuri ;;;;;; please somebody help......btw great game ^^
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
Yeah no Lloyd's path so... sorry Q.Q
ShoukoShuziki's avatar
I can't play the game...i need help! it shows an error each time i try to start up the game..
M31rU-Ch4N's avatar
ShoukoShuziki's avatar
I don't remember.
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