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Arashi no Love DEMO



Well, I will make another game now.
And now it's Katekyo Hitman Reborn time.

Since according with the vote, especially from Twitter and… though in my previous journal most of you vote YuGiOh GX and YuGiOh again, but I guess I will do this first.

Oh right, my Twitter is MeiruHamu bytheway.

-KHR= Gokudera as the main char, as the uke. The semes are Yamamoto, Shamal, Haru (the only girl here), Bel, Mukuro (A tentacle scene later ^^). And DinoHibari already dating.

5 different person in each day, so..
Day 1-Monday is Yamamoto,
Day 2-Tuesday is Shamal,
Day 3-Wednesday is Haru,
Day 4-Thursday is Bel,
Day 5-Friday is Mukuro (Tentacle scene, wrong move/option and it will be game over in that day),
Day 6-Saturday is getting some advice from Dino, and secret story about DinoHiba.
Day 7-The final choice of date of the 5 persons.

But~ I will make a DEMO of it first.
And it's only Day 1, and that means YAMAGOKU!!

This DEMO is actually a present for Yamamoto's birthday XD on 24 April earlier!!

You can download it here~
Each part are 24MB, and you need to download both of it.
Then Extract the winzip/winrar into a folder.
There's an application of the game inside later.
It can be played with Windows and Mac user.

part 1…
part 2…

Incomplete/unfixed DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!
Without parts -All in one- (UPDATED 18/02/14):
I haven't done more progress about the KHR - Arashi no Love game yet, I'm so sorry Q.Q"
Well I have the Incomplete Full Version of it if you want to try or take a peek.
Google Drive:…

The CGs are still missing, but you still can play the plot so far until Day 4 (Bel).
In Day 5 (Mukuro), it will be stucked if you play that day, so in Day 5 morning you have to make Gokudera sleep and skip school.
In Day 6 (DinoHiba), you can play it till the end.
In Day 7, only the morning of it that you can play, and you can't continue until the ending Q.Q since I'm not finished completing the game yet.
So it's up to you if you want to try it or not.
Please don't commenting about some errors of the game, since it's still DEMO and Incomplete/unfixed yet.
So if you want a safe DEMO, just download the real DEMO, not the Incomplete DEMO.

Why the DEMO first?
Because it will take LONG TIME to finish the whole game!
After the DEMO is done, I will continue making the remaining Doujinshi pages of Puppyshipping and Grimmichi till it's done!
After both of the doujin is done, especially the Puppyshipping one, I will finish this game!

Have fun playing the DEMO 0w0!
And please wait for the full version of it later!
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Thank you for making this but when do you think you can upload the endings of each character.
You see I really like yamagoku or 8059 so Im getting really excited.
So when do you think you can do that?

By the way I love tales of Ygakuen.Its awesome