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The very final part (6) of Salsa Invertebraxa was delivered to Heavy Metals' NY offices the other week, the culmination of its run as a serialization. What an amazing time it's been for me, it is not every day you're asked to be a part of a legendary publication, and especially under the scrutinizing eye of DC mega-scribe Grant Morrison.
It's been a challenge to re-configure Salsa's ultra-landscape pages into A4 portrait format without losing the flow and the effect, and with no compromise to quality, - and of course it was a good opportunity to tweak the text where I felt it needed some help (quite a bit to be honest, kxx)

Here's a few of the double page spreads submitted over the last year, ...

Salsa 80-81-logo by m0zch0ps

Heavy-Metal-07-a8f81 by m0zch0ps

Salsa-Invertebraxa-by-Mozchops-HM pages-35--36 by m0zch0ps

Salsa-Invertebraxa-by-Mozchops-HM pages-43--44 by m0zch0ps

Salsa-Invertebraxa-by-Mozchops-HM pages-29--30 by m0zch0ps

Salsa-Invertebraxa-by-Mozchops-HM pages-63--64 by m0zch0ps

If you'd like to catch up with the series, back issues and digital versions of the magazine are available from HeavyMetal  
Note; for Salsa you need issues 280 - 285, 280 also has an alternative cover from yours truly.

Copies of the original hardback book are still available, and can be ordered and signed on request, here
Peace n love x
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The-Hand Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Professional General Artist
This is the reason why I am back at reading and collecting Heavy Metal. Love your work man!
m0zch0ps Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, yes regardless of my own contributions, the magazine has really gone up a few gears with some stunning art and storytellers.
MetalSnail Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks great man, I hope the readers love it!
I'll stick with the original and beautiful book!
Besides HM is hard to find in my part of the world!
m0zch0ps Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks MS, indeed what could trump a hardbound book!
you might be able to order via your local comics shop if you change your mind
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