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January 8, 2015
Amazing composition and design are found in Low Tide Ghost by m0zch0ps to create a stunning sci-fi vista.
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Low Tide Ghost

Updated; New improved version 
Thanks for the kind feedback everyone, there's been some really interesting remarks about the background on the vessel, which is great, I love nothing more than inspiring thoughts of what, where, why? it really makes for great discussion, champagne! :)

I don't get to paint spaceships often, so this was a blast to do.
I really wanted to do a crashed/wrecked/marooned craft, but not so wrecked that you couldn't tell what it was. I was trawling through images of the shipworks on the beaches of India and Bangladesh, and saw this piece by Andrew Bell, the lighting is brilliant.…. This inspired the setting and lighting.

I'm a big fan of practical craft designs, craft which look as though they have a real purpose, where any elegance or superfluous design is fashioned around it's practical necessities. In the early stages of the painting I wanted to add two beachcomber looking characters playing chess in the foreground, relaxed as though they had grown accustomed to waiting a long time for rescue, - that'll be it's own picture.
As the ship took on its form, it started to look like a rusting beached whale, - hence I designed the wing to look fin-like and accentuate the barrel shape of the hull, with bloodlike rusty smears, as though harpooned and left to decay.……
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I find this rather unique, a derelict space ship on some lonely beach.

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Paintings like this inspire my creativity! Looks amazing!
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The wet sand looks so wet! I really like this.
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you're the first to mention the sand, thank you :)
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very nice work !
MetalSnail's avatar
Looks even better now!
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Time to grab some rocket harpoon and hunt space whales, yaaarrrh XD
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I've been spending a long time looking at this. I love how inviting and meditative of a world it is, especially with the warm hues.
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Great work. Congratulations on the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
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It's my pleasure! :)

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i love this kind of thing :D
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Alright. Extraordinary job, mate! Loved this piece!
*Bows respectfully*
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:wow:  This is amazing!
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The orange and blue caught my eye and I love the ships design too!
hi guys i just join deviant art and pls look at my art thanks and who made this good job
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Oh hey, I remember this piece back from an article in ImagineFX! Nice to find you. *clicks watch*
m0zch0ps's avatar
Thanks and v.well spotted, here's a journal entry I posted mid 2013 with the same article,…
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I actually really liked the article. I reference back to it when I do backgrounds, especially since there's not many tutorials for Corel Painter.
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I'm using this as a backdrop (wallpaper) for a windowblind that I'm uploading. I will link this address and give proper credit to you for your art.
m0zch0ps's avatar
Appreciated, Thanks :)
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