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The very final part (6) of Salsa Invertebraxa was delivered to Heavy Metals' NY offices the other week, the culmination of its run as a serialization. What an amazing time it's been for me, it is not every day you're asked to be a part of a legendary publication, and especially under the scrutinizing eye of DC mega-scribe Grant Morrison. It's been a challenge to re-configure Salsa's ultra-landscape pages into A4 portrait format without losing the flow and the effect, and with no compromise to quality, - and of course it was a good opportunity to tweak the text where I felt it needed some help (quite a bit to be honest, kxx) Here's a few of
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Dear Moz Watchers! Some.VERY.big.news. I'm proud to announce that the legendary Heavy Metal Magazine will be serializing the entirety of my graphic novel 'Salsa Invertebraxa' in 6 bi-monthly chunks, along with some awesome comics from big hitters including DC mega-scribe Grant Morrison! This month see's the herald of his first issue as Editor-In-Chief, as he steers HM into taking a renewed leap into the punk-fantasy-phasmagoria that it was famous for. There's a great twist if you're already familiar with Salsa and its ultra-ultra-widescreen format, as I'll be re-mixing it into the traditional comic 'portrait page' format, along with a few
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The final eBook file for Prophets of the Ghost Ants is very close to going live, exciting times! Which prompts me to upload some more work in progress, here are some of the colour roughs of the cover, the map of the immediate geography of the area showing the various ant tribes and some other scenes from the book. The moonlit scene half way down was partly a nod to a scene painted by one of my favorite concept artists, who worked on the biggest sci-fi series of them, any ideas who that might be? :) More stuff coming v. soon, (including more character sketches) Mozchops www.facebook.com/Mozchops.dood… www.facebook.com/SalsaInverteb&
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You should definitely do artwork for games I'd love to see some of your creatures in as bosses/minions on games
Thanks, games have been done, maybe you've already played some of them? >>> www.linkedin.com/in/mozchops/
Oh wow! I've definitely played and love Wildlands such a beautiful game.
ouf .. Dude you deserve so much more attention! Amazing works! U are going on my watchlist ;) Cheers!
why must your entire gallery be so freakin awesome? I wanna favorite everything now! la in love