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The Wandering Warrior



The warrior took his leave of the inner islands. He tired of the endless simpering dance of polite gestures, the courtly posturing, the ubiquitous petty intrigue. Manners and traditions were important, but there was more vital work to be done in the world. He made for the provinces, the colonies, the untamed territories. He wandered the lawless hills and forests, knowing no master but his own judgement of right and wrong. He reminded outlaw and peasant alike about the true nature of obedience and respect, as harshly as necessary. He hung from his waist the flag of the demon, the common sigil of the lordless provinces.
Though he wore the image of a demon, he never imagined he would meet one himself.


Major character for Fratricide. His design will probably change as I slowly move forward with this project.
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3th one on the first line, i want to see it finished version, the black part on the front should be red, and the grey part in the inside should be blue
just like the last, colored one at the bottom