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tutorial - horse hooves

наконец я его доделала >_< вроде даже косяков с анатомией нет... в общем, как-то так я и рисую XD

!!! Read my comic about horses: [link]

EDIT: add one new image in frame with mistakes, I think it will be helpfull )
998 faves and 9337 views for a 21 hour?? O_o O_O o_O

EDIT2: I fixed some terms
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Очен спасиьо.
Ι am currently learnign how to draw a horse for a masterpiece I had in mind, but I have absolutely no knowledge of a horse's anatomy, and this helped me to understand more of them.
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Thank you so much for adding the English translation- it's very helpful.
I don't really recognize the language above it though... sorry is it Russian? Maybe? ^^;
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yes, it's Russian )
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This is one awesome shit *faving* It's nice to find brilliant tutorials like this.
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what language iis that
m-u-h-a's avatar
russian + english
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Just what I was looking for! Thanks! 
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Thanks. Hope I'll be able one day to draw as accurate as you! Very beautiful! (: Like it.
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This is so accurate! Very nicely done! I haven't seen anyone mention the lines on sick hooves only before!Clap 
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Thanks so much! This is the best hoof tutorial out there!
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This is so cool! I generally cheat when drawing horses because I love the one with lots of feathering but I guess it would still be good to know whats going on under all that hair.
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Yes! Very nice! I needed this, I've made those mistakes. 0_0
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Thankyou for making this ! :heart:
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I really look forward to using this!
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Does this work for Zebras as well?
m-u-h-a's avatar
I think yes )
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Alright, thanks!
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очень полезно
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Ого! Нифига себе анатомию ты знаешь)
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Ну со скелетами приходится по книжкам ориентироваться Х) По памяти я только в общих чертах могу набросать расположение мышц и самых крупных костей, но обычно этого хватает.
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AH! Just what i need!! Thanks so much for making this! it will help!
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