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Next Up: GMX!

90 Days Remaining

October 21-23

New location!
Millennium Maxwell House Hotel
2025 Rosa L Parks Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37228-1505

Get your Pre-Reg Here! >>>>>


Nashville Anime Day #3

August 13th
Holiday Inn at Opryland
Free parking
$3.00 admission

Group Rules:

1) Please submit your photos to the correct gallery folder. I've been getting a lot of people submitting con cosplays into the coplay/featured folder. The cosplay folder is strictly for outside cosplay pictures (for example, pictures taken at home or at a photo shoot outside of the con.) The featured pictures are chosen by MsPepperPotts and myself. You'll get a request from us if we chose your photo You can submit it into the featured folder to see what we think, but please don't be upset if it's voted no. It doesn't mean your costume is bad.

2) Be kind to everyone in the group. This group is strictly no hating, flaming, being rude, or trolling. If anyone treats you negatively, please send me a note with proof and I will ban them. However, if you ask for critiques on your pictures, please don't take a critique as someone being rude to you. They're merely trying to help. If you have a concern, you can still note me. We'll figure out the right course of action.

3) No fuzzy or blurry photos. We want to see your cosplays/costumes and AA merchandise.

4) You can submit as many photos as you'd like (for now), but please make sure to only submit 5 photos of the same cosplay/costume. No spamming. We want to see what other characters you cosplay. WIP folder is different. Submit as many as you like. Also, if someone else has a picture of you and you already have five photos up, their pictures wont count. What counts is your submissions.

5) No content above PG-13. MTAC is a family oriented convention so this is a family oriented group. Plus there are youngsters on dA, so nothing rated R.




Welcome Mtaku to the offical MTAC deviantART group! Please visit the journal below to get all of your MTAC information for the upcoming convention.

This group is also the home for MTAC's sister convention GMX!

Anything related to MTAC or GMX is 2011 Middle Tennessee Anime Convention and its founders as well as the Geek Media Expo and its founders.



Ok guys MTAC is not too far away.  New place and so many things going on that we are looking forward to.  We have some photoshoots already getting set up.  I am attending a comic photoshoot on Friday at 3pm hosted by my sister, so if any of you are doing comic characters be sure to come to that.  I am once again hosting a Final Fantasy photoshoot on Saturday since I had such a great time doing it last year.  So if you are interested in either of those check out the forums both are posted.  Alright so its not too far away I am excited and looking forward to seeing you guys.
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For any Gunpla modelers out there check out our new group
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Just wondering if there will be any homestucks going to MTAC! C:
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Can someone like please check this group a little bit more, cause I've got several deviations waiting for approval and no one's doing anything about them ;_;
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Hey guys, I got some footage of the Pokemon Party, FMAB panel, and the entire SAO performance:

They will be uploaded within the week, school permitting xD

I also have photos on my facebook: [link] Add me if you like~ :meow:
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((Um, hi....ooc right now, but my sister and I took a micro nap dressed as Chibitalia and Chibiromano--from Hetalia--, on our flag.... HRE said 5-7 people took our picture, and I would really like to have some of those. Please, if you know about that, get back to Romano or his admin, me, :iconhis-pretty-rave-girl: Thanks!))
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