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LED Alligator Wearable Circuit



I was asked to do a nice alligator drawing for a name badge that would be done as a circuit board kit. I was given a guide image for what they wanted to see, and I rendered the lineart.

They then took the ball and turned my lineart into silk screened lines on a custom-shaped circuit board. The leds or "light emitting diodes" can be a wide array of colors and when the kit is soldered up, you can wear it. I think it will have a button that will allow the wearer to change the patterns that all the lights blink.

This kit will be made available on the 2DKits website at [link] probably after June or July.

The reason for that timeframe is because they will first be available a Musecon. [link] One of the guests at that convention will be S. J. Tucker, a singer who is well known in SF fannish circles as being the lead in the group Tricky Pixie. One of her most popular songs is called "There's an Alligator in the House", and the 2DKits guys wanted to offer a commemorative blinkie kit in her honor. Here is a link to a vid of her singing the song: [link]

I'm a big gadget hound, and I'm not shy about digging in and doing some soldering myself, so doing this was great fun. I hope they let me do more designs for them!!

Someday, I will have to write out the tale of how I started a midwest "thing" by holding "blinkie panels" at science fiction cons where we assembled simple blinkies we could wear. I retired from it ages ago, but the 2DKit guys are now taking that idea to new heights I never would have dreamed of. I'm glad they are, and even more glad I can still be a part.
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Is the board laser-cut? I'd think a custom punch would be horrendous...

(I've got to knuckle down and learn to use a PCB designer so I can do a couple of designs of my own.)