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To sum up what's going on, I have finally decided to do an account overhaul. The reason I'm doing this, is ever since I graduated from UAA I've been having a hard time staying motivated and making new works but at the same time wanting to redefine myself as an artist. This has been an issue for me because along with the lack of motivational, I've also felt like people have been judging me for my previous works that I feel no longer represent who I am or my current skill level. So this overhaul has been something I've been wanting to do for some time, and now that I've decided to commit to the overhaul I now have a renewed motivation.
Of course, I'm not going to let this renewed motivation go to waste. So along with doing an overhaul on my Deviantart, I plan to update my RedBubble, Facebook, and then remake my personal website (though I plan for that to be done at a later time).

To ensure that I don't slack off in my renewed motivation with the current overhaul changes I also plan to do the "100 of Something Challenge." With this challenge I plan to make 100 different robots by my birthday (July 11). The reason for I am doing this challenge it that among the problems I have been having since graduation, I would like to also address other problems I want to overcome personally to become a batter artist. Primarily, using my sketchbook more frequently, and completing a long term project that doesn't have an immediate reward after completing it such as a grade. Now when it comes to the deadline I have set, this is just an arbitrary date so that I have some sort of a deadline to attempt to complete the challenge by. If I need to extend the deadline I will, this challenge is mean to keep me working and to find enjoyment in making art again. Not how many robots can I make in a certain time frame.

Now thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you will enjoy the what I will be making for the challenge and everything planned for the future
    As shown by my most recent submission I am not AWOL in making stuff. Although I am slowing down on what I am posting in hope that it would help increase the quality of my works.
With that said, I am slowly going to go through all of my works and repost them since i have recently found out how to polish the works before I post them since me phone doesn't do that good
of a job and I don't have the time to go get an actual camera (which I will be getting over the summer most likely). So be out on the look for my works that I will be posting and I have found
of my works that I thought I posted but turns out that I haven't and do plan to upload in time.

So have fun guys,
    Fallen Phoenix