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Adv Drawing - Accidental Encounter Project by M-Rehe Adv Drawing - Accidental Encounter Project by M-Rehe
Well... here it is... the "finished" product of my Accidental Encounter project aka my first of four projects for my Advance drawing class... and when I get it back I will definitely do more work on this piece since I wasn't able to complete it at the amount of skill that I wanted, even though everyone I've talked to says that it looks done, and doesn't need any more work... And I will get a better image of the picture when I get it back too

Basically how we got to this point was that the class had to go through a series of steps to get three random words by first looking up the first letting of our first, middle and last name separately, then going to the 5th page on Google search and on the last link pick a word. Now having our three words (mine being Eye, America, and Finance) we went to Google images looking up those three words together (and I got a ton of political shit... go figure) starting on the 15th page... we were able to arrange the words in order we could long as they were used, but when we found at least 4 images... then we could start the final part of the project. Making an image based on images that we found with most to any medium of out chosing
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September 29, 2014
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