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Composite of 300+ shots.

This may or may not be final version
the final version may or may not be released at
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incredible work :nod:
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Brilliant capture! The colors are amazing and the contrast between the relativly calm ice bits and the star trails :-)
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very well done! Although I don't know what shutterspeed you used but try to find the shot/s with the plane in it and erase it... I guess it won't be noticeable. Than it would be perfect!
psychsg's avatar
final version or not this is amazing
DrewHopper's avatar
Epic shot, well captured!!
ColinHSillerud's avatar
Very well executed star trails! is the foreground illumination from the moon? it is a little bright for my taste as it is a night shot, but that is a small issue.
m-ozgur's avatar
this is a composite from 300+ shots. The brightness of difference parts of the scene is really all up to me.
I'm still making changes...
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yeah, i figured you meant that the stars themselves were 300 shots.

the way i've done star trails was to shoot many short star exposures and blend them. then put them on top of one exposure for the non-changing land.

did you stack 300 exposures of the land?

I know that you control the illumination. that is why i suggested making the land portion darker, just because that seems more natural as a night shot to me. but i think it's an awesome image just the way it is. it is just my taste that i am referencing.
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obviously far fewer images (10-20) were used for the foreground. they were also taken early on in the sequence. there was still some reflecting light at that time.
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just picked up my first cable release...will be experimenting soon...just wondering how the center of the swirling stars winds up over in that portion of the photo?
m-ozgur's avatar
as you know, if you point your camera to northern sky and use a wide angle lens, you are very likely to catch Polaris, aka north star, which looks stationary. Obviously, because of Earth's rotation, all other stars look like swirling. good luck.
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