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Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover splasher-1024x5 by M-O-Z-G

Hi guys, just working on my site and was remembered the one old small but interesting project. The client wanted to make a cover from one clipart which she found in Google but with changeable elements - the template in fact.

Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover 0004 Preview[1] by M-O-Z-G

Photos of people in the background should be been replaceable and separate design elements should be been movable. Plus different scale and canvas size and all in CMYK of course.

Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover panels[1] by M-O-Z-G

I totally recreated the illustration, made colors smoother, combined and linked multiple layers to simulate Color Dodge effect in CMYK and most important part - made the photo grid to allow her to change one photo in the separate special group and keep the effect of randomness.

Also, I made several layer compositions and actions to make work with the template handier. It takes more resources but user-friendly)

Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover 0002 Hint-1.-In by M-O-Z-G
Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover 0003 Hint-2.-Co by M-O-Z-G Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover 0000 Photo-Menu by M-O-Z-G Upwork Denisa-Hirak Brochure-Cover 0001 Reposition by M-O-Z-G

Nothing special, just thought that it could be inspirationally for someone;) (Wink) 
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