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Historically Accurate Disney Princesses 2

By M-Mannering
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The follow-up to Historically Accurate Disney Princesses 1, made with Azalea's Dolls' Snow Queen Scene Maker and inspired by pieces created by shoomlah.

This piece takes me back to Disney Masquerade 1 and 2 Heart Animation 

Unfortunately, the internet crashed when I tried to save the blended-out version of Belle's dress (lucky I save as I go!) so you can see the strands of hair but please try to ignore them ;P As I said in the first piece, I probably won't do more of these for a while but I hope you like the six classic princesses! I particularly like how Jasmine turned out; which is your favourite? And do you prefer these designs or Disney's?

:crab: Rose's Rose - REDGenie's Lamp

For the originals, please visit:
Bullet; Green Ariel:…
Bullet; Yellow Belle:…
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Jasmine:…
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@jimmychuloverpreg is offensive because I have autism.

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Why nobody my friend? we best friend!!1 My sister @raeofsunshine101 will ban you permanently for disliking my comments!!!! wand blocking me!!! I am autism!!!!

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This is adorable!!!! the characters are so cute! Especially Jasmine, she looks sexy and fierce.

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Ariel-19th Century

Belle-18th Century

Jasmine-500 BC
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Very impressive!
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Ariel looks adorable, Belle looks SO fancy, and Jasmine looks like a bad-ass!
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Love Ariel's hair and dress! Belle looks fantastic...funny,but fantastic. Of course, Jasmine looks great. Ariel's look is my fave though. Great job!
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I am extremely impressed with the dress in the middle. If I hadn't read the description I probably would've noticed it was hair.
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Jasmine's outfit is so pretty
I like how you used the hair to make the dress
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OMG!!! I love Belle's dress so much!
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Thank you!! I'm so glad! :D
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theyre beautiful, must have taken ages
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Thank you, yeah it did ;)
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Jasmine’s dresses and Belle’s dresses are my favorite. Both are so perfect and complement the characters’ original designs really well. I can’t believe you made most of this with drag and drops!

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I think it looks really good with the hair strands visible because they look like folds and creases in the fabric which makes it look more realistic as those dresses would have tons of creases
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Haha, thanks! That makes me feel a lot better :D
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They look great , you especially did incredibly well on Belle's dress !
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