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Evil Queens

By M-Mannering
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So... I know it's been a while, but lately I've had "Breath of Life" by Florence and the Machine stuck in my head, and it inspired me to make this; four versions of the Evil Queen from the countless appropriations:
Bullet; Purple Queen Grimhilde, Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Dark blue bullet Queen Regina, Once Upon a Time
Bullet; Black Queen Ravenna, Snow White and the Huntsman
Bullet; Red The Queen, Mirror Mirror
Which is your favourite?

Bullet; Purple…
Dark blue bullet…
Bullet; Black…
Bullet; Red…

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Arrow left Piece belongs to me
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Out of all of them I choose Ravenna, but she was really dark.
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Ravenna is the most beautiful one to me
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The Mirror Mirror Movie Has Kick-Ass Masquerade Outfits. It's Too Bad The Person Who Designed Them Died. Her Name Is Even On The In Loving Memory Section In The End Credits.
KarlitaTerrazas14's avatar
hehe what about Raven Queen's Mom?
Ania-scarred's avatar
Grimhilde looks so pretty, i could see why she would be jealous of snow white, she looks so young, but i love Ravenna's dress the most. great work
M-Mannering's avatar
Thank you!! And agreed :nod:
Wonderland-Rebel's avatar
The original animated wicked queen looks the best in my opinion. :) I loved Mirror Mirror but I think the Disney film is probably the best out of all the Snow Whites, after all, it began a legend. :)
singertobe's avatar
Regina is really pretty. I don't know what Disney was thinking with Grimhilde. Yes she should look evil, but she also should look beautiful. She is the second fairest in the land after all! *Facepalm*.
M-Mannering's avatar
I guess they were trying to be 'historically accurate' but they failed at that anyway :P
ArtsyCraft101's avatar
snow white and the huntsman and ouat!
Princess-Icicles's avatar
My favourite has to be Queen Ravenna! She was a serious bad ass in that film! I love this piece!!! Great work! Are you excited for the sequel, The Huntsman coming out in 2016?
M-Mannering's avatar
Haha, she was!! Thank you :D Yes and no - I heard Snow White isn't going to be in it, so I have no idea what they plan on doing ;P
Princess-Icicles's avatar
Your most welcome! I think its about life before her. The turmoil of the Kingdom beforehand. Also about the Huntsman's wife. Then again I'm only speculating!
M-Mannering's avatar
Oh, that would be cool to see his wife, and life before her in general...
Eolewyn1010's avatar
Woooow.. where do I even start?

1. Grimhilde's crown and collar - how immensely PERFECT! How you made those shapes... Clap
2. Regina aka smoking hot aka the woman I'd marry if I were a man - dat dress :o (Eek)  Girl, you know your business!
3. Ravenna's crown - I absolutely love it!
4. You made this crazy woman from Mirror Mirror, yay! I loved that movie - and that queen, she was so off. And you managed to recreate her amazing peacock ballgown! :happybounce: 
M-Mannering's avatar
1. Yes, I was quite happy with her collar... and then I got lazy with her dress ;P
2. Haha, I wanted to have her in cobalt as that was her 'redeeming colour' - the producers said she wore a lot of cobalt as she returned to goodness.
3. It was so hard to choose an outfit for her (I love them all, just like Regina's! :O) but it was actually that crown that made me decide on that outfit.
4. Julia Roberts was definitely insane in Mirror Mirror, I just had to have her in that dress!

Thanks so much for everything!! :heart:
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Got to love the original. Especially as I once were her costume to school for world book day, courtesy of my mum ;p
Regina I fantastic, a much more developed character, but of course she has an entire tv series to help her, rather than an hour or 2.
Ravenna is just an outright villain and the Queen is fabulous ;p

Have you seen Evie? She is meant to be the Evil Queen's daughter in Disney's Descendants. She actually has quite a good character and her outfit is similar to Regina's in your picture
M-Mannering's avatar
Haha, nothing like home-made costumes :3
Yes, I wonder if the others would have developed if they had more screen time...
I'm glad to hear Evie is a great character :D
AngelOfBeauty88's avatar
Regina is my favorite. Mostly because if you've followed the show from the beginning, you see how much of a character growth she's gone through.
Ravenna is probably the only among the four who people cheered for the most because her Snow White is the most hated.
M-Mannering's avatar
Exactly, she's most definitely had the clearest backstory, motive for turning against Snow, and character development. 
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Honestly, I like Snow White and the Huntsman movie the most so queen Revana.
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