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featured  Through The Lens #10 outside the single imageSemiotics in Art 
 "To quote out of context is the essence of the photographer's craft. His central problem is a simple one: what shall he include, what shall he reject? The line of decision between in and out is the picture's edge. While the draughtsman starts with the middle of the street, the photographer starts with the frame. The photograph's edge defines content. It isolates unexpected juxtapositions. By surrounding two facts, it creates a relationship. The edge of the photograph dissects familiar forms, and shows the unfamiliar fragment. It creates the shapes that surround objects. The photographer edits the meanings and patterns of the world through an imaginary frame. This frame is the beginning of this picture's geometry. It is to the photograph as the cushion is to the billiard table." - John Szarkowski  - from The Photographer's Eye by John Szarkowski, former director of the photography division of the Museum of Modern Art in New York

the tram by m-lucia
river secrets by m-lucia    connection by m-lucia
blues and whites... by m-lucia    urban reflections by m-lucia
connections by m-lucia
:heart:    Happy Birthday, my dear friend.    :heart:
drops of blues by m-lucia
:heart: Hugs and Smiles, today and always. :heart:
The Muses Love Alternatives, CXIII    



hand in hand in hand by m-lucia
El Tango de Roxanne scene from "Moulin Rouge"
Thanks for stopping by.
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Belo como um balé intuitivo de mãos que parecem tentar capturar a luz imaterial. O azul, aparece como uma pitada de insanidade que atordoa, quase um delírio. O vermelho, uma onda translúcida, massa etérea e fluida ... sempre paixão.
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a poesia das tuas palavras ainda torna esta imagem mais especial para mim...
interessante como vês o movimento, como vês o azul... "uma pitada de insanidade"... é isso.
e o vermelho que sugere paixão, sem dúvida. o desejo do encontro, do toque, que aqui parece concretizar-se, mesmo só no nível da ilusão...  
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Que bom que você gostou ... de uma certa forma, esta imagem me faz pensar sobre um relacionamento pessoal meu. Eu tento tatear o intangível ...
Realmente um trabalho muito especial.
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I have featured this image. link  :sun:
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i'm glad you do! thank you, dear ! :iconflowerplz:
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thank you, Fabio ! :aww:
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a wonderful flow :heart: 
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yes... we can almost see the hands moving and gently meeting... :aww:
thank you, Hanne :hug:
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certainly so... :aww:
thanks for your visit :rose:
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most wonderful work, dear !
even though it has a litte x-ray touch - mmmh
:hug: :heart: - touch
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x-ray touch... i hadn't thought of that, but it shouldn't be surprising... (sort oeuf :giggle:)
did you notice that blues almost disappear when the hands meet...?
:cuddle: :heart:
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... now this certainly is a MOST interesting observation, dear !!! :cuddle: :heart:
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just divagating... :hug:
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u m . b e l o . t r i p t i c o
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:blush: atrasei-me tanto a agradecer... sorry e obrigada! :hug:
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o l h a . p o i s . f o i ... e . a g o r a ... c o m o . v a m o s . r e s o l v e r . e s t e . g r a v e . p r o b l e m a ????
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