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So, I was invited with 29 other lucky cosplayers from Fan Expo 2011 to participate in livening up the Toronto International Film Festival  WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING of Morgan Spurlock and Stan Lee's Comic Con documentary (a.k.a. Comic Con Episode 4 - A Fan's Hope)

We get to see the documentary before anyone else and also got to hang out in person with Morgan Spurlock, Stan Lee, Harry Knowles, and the participants of the AWESOME documentary.

Afterwards, we were invited to the After Party (Open Bar! Free Booze!), schmooze with everyone, and do photo ops with everyone including Morgan Spurlock AND STAN LEE.

Fun times, indeed.
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Ah, Spring. You remind us geeks that we need to go out into the scorching burning sun by dragging us out from our dark lairs and into the hotels and convention halls for our geek conventions...

I think I have a few cosplay sets ready for this year. As a Kingdom Hearts video game fan, I have a Rikku and Marluxia look prepped. As an artist and manga/anime fan, I have a Shinta Fukuda from Bakuman perfected.

Let the fun begin~!!!
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Today was a fun day. There is nothing like geeking out with friends at a geeky convention, in this case it is Fan Expo.

Between being surrounded by all the things I love, surrounded by "my kind" and my friends, meeting my favorite sci-fi/fantasy celebs, and getting new costume pieces for current and future ensembles, I'd finish the day with a Post-geek-convention Euphoria.  

Anyways, got myself some new stuff for cosplay and Halloween.

Just wish the PGC Euphoria would last a little while longer. Alas, reality beckons.
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Everything must change, nothing is static.

We are not a 2-dimensional beings. We have many aspects, many faces, many forms, and many incarnations in our one lifetime. We change. We grow. We must or we shall be stuck, unable to be more than we can be.

I have a habit of doing something little drastic changes every now and then. Sometimes they are visible, sometimes they are subtle, and sometimes only those who knows me best would notice. Every change counts. Every step, leap, fall, thrust and crawl accumulates.

So do a little drastic change. It can be a very refreshing and renewing feeling.
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You know when you thought you woke up from a dream only to realize later than you're still within a dream? That was what I felt after watching Inception today. That very feeling is also the MacGuffin behind the film itself.

Director Christopher Nolan and his team were able to achieve that feeling and to suspend everyone'disbelief, something that requires finesse and perfect balance of all components needed in making any film.

The film's Editor Lee Smith was also great in managing the timing and use of scenes, giving enough coherency in sequence while adding enough twists and turns to gain a sense of a waking dream.

The acting was superb, even if the jargon sometimes loses me, but then it is shown in application and I understand almost immediately. Action always speak louder than words.

Very deep for those who understand its complexity, yet still very engaging for those who might need more time to grasp it. Totally worth a 2nd view or more. I think we might have found the new generation's Matrix.

That said, let's upload another old project!

This one is also a story of dreams. Back in the days of yore, yours truly wanted to try to be a writer. Yours truly made proposals, designed business plans and even got an agent to market it to publishers, had BIG disagreements and trust issue, and had dream broken to pieces. Nothing new, nothing big. Life moves on.
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"I never look back, dahling. It detracts from the now."

Easier said than done, Edna Mode.

Time to upload more of my past works.

Despite what the quote above said, it's hard NOT to reflect on your past works (especially if they're looking at you right in the eye).

Though I don't recommend lingering on one's past works (especially one's past glories), I do recommend learning from it. After all, if we don't, we'll get stuck in a plateau instead of improving our craft (no matter the speed of progression) while keeping our style/identity somewhat intact.
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This should have happened almost 10 years ago. What took so long?

Well, honestly, I don't even remember anymore. I can easily blame my Taurus side, slow obstinate stubborn cow...

Better late than never, I suppose. So here I am, DeviantArt community. どうぞよろしく.

I'll start by uploading some of my older personal illustrative works and stories.

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