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Kingdom Hearts 3D Lea with Keyblade #7

No matter how well you made your costume and prop, or how well you do your cosplay make-up and wig-work; if your photographer don't have a good eye to get the right lighting, angle, and composition as well as utilize his environment, all your hard work will be for naught.

This simply AWESOME photo of me as KH3D's Lea was taken at Unplugged Expo 2012 by Herbert Tang (Flickr link here: [link]) who did an amazing job at capturing almost everything I hoped for.

He definitely has my praise and attention. Hope to get a chance to be his photography subject again in the near future.
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Axel.... *bows* I think I might watch you. So.. much.. awesome...
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Seriously, you're flawless!
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perfect cosplay!!!
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Hehe. Thanx. I'm just trying to do Axel/Lea to the best I can.
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you are doing a great job! I added you to my watch list, I am eager to see what you'll do next!
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According to my to-do list:

- KH Riku's Soul Eater Keyblade.
- FF9's Kuja
- MLP:FiM's Celestia (co-operative project)
- FFXIV Manthra (pending)
- Guild Wars 2 Male Sylvari (pending)
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that's quite a list, can't wait!
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This looks great :iconamgtouchplz:
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Thankee thankee. (゚ヮ゚ )
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Dude, this is awesome! They look incredibly great!
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Hehe. Thanx, but I really must give props to the photographer for this one (considering over half the other photos of this cosplay from this con looked very off).
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*You, pardon me.
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