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Aikuro Mikisugi Costest and Practical SFX Test

So, I totally fell in love with Aikuro Mikisugi from Kill La Kill. 

He is such an amazing comedy character with a unique running gag. 

I've seen many people do photoshop flares and other effects for his infamous" NIPPLE BEAMS", but I am more of a practical SFX guy. I want the people around me to enjoy it as is. 

The few people who have done the same did it using regular LED... which is safe enough (low wattage, safe for skin) but not bright enough and can easily be foiled by a good enough camera with good Dynamic Range. I want cameras AND eyes to be BLINDED... well, close to blinded...

I found one bright and small enough, but it required a large heat sink and can burn the skin within SECONDS. To make it safer, I used silicone putty and skin tone bandage as insulation padding and cover, as well as to nicely distribute the heat AWAY from my nipple/skin.

I'm pretty pleased with the result. Though I can't leave it on indefinitely, I can leave it on for 2-3 minutes easy without feeling anything, long enough for photo ops. 
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so handsome....Soooo Cute..Onion 
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Nice Aikuro Cosplay!
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Hahahahahaha cool!!