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Hidden Harbour

Enviro practice from yesterday. I did so much character stuff for jobs and commissions the last few months and had almost no time for personal stuff, so it feels good to practice some landscapes again ;)
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Fantastic scenery !!!... very great work
Very nice, reminds me a bit of Vietnam.
OMG !!! great job man

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Wonderful work!
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Your work is simply amazing. I'm in awe of you Clap 
Just beautiful
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good work, nice mood! 
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I love the way the colors all blend together for the mist, stellar job!
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Your color choices are fantastic, a nice palette of cool blues, grays, and greens, with just the right amount of touches of warmer reds and yellows, all of which come together to accurately depict the setting.
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Looks amazing, I'd love to explore this environment in an RPG
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Haha, thank you:)
I am reminded of Pandaria... or Vietnam...

Nice work. I love it.
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Thank you a lot =) Well, i never played WoW, but i definitely tried to give it some vietnamese/south-east asian vibe ;)
I suspect that was the look they were going for as well, considering the theme of Pandaria.

However this picture reminds me so much of both Jade forest, and the Kasarang wilds... like its a mix of the two. The beautiful karsts, covered in rich jungle life, are one of the most amazing images that nature created, and you captured it here, perfectly.
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Looks like something from The Witcher, cool
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Thanks!! I never played the Witcher, maybe i should, used to hear a lot of good things about it...
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It's a cool game :)
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:O Awesome!! I'm very curious about how you process to chose you'r color because they always are good... Do you begin directly in color or black and white pass?
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Thank you!! Well, i did not save any steps from this one, but usually i start these kind of paintings in b/w but just to find the basic composition and values, so its just about super rough shapes at this stage. If i have the comp and values i try to add all the colors i want in it before i even think about details. Usually the later i add the color the more i've to struggle with it...
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Thank for your answer! :) I'm surprise that someone like you ( with over powered skills) have the time to help to understand your process :). I will try this workflow see if I can keep something to improve my drawing! Oh and you use the laso tool to crop your mountain,right?
Thank a lot!!!
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