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Devio-Evolution of Metal Fans

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After spending some time in this musical subculture you get to know a lot of people, and a lot of tastes and inclinations regarding Metal and all of its children. You'd think that there might be a consensus between the followers but I get surprised/amused by how a fan of certain metal sub-genre can despise another sub-genre as much as he/she'd despise Justin Bieber.

Which amuses me.

Also this is just for fun, and of course, not everyone is like this, and yeah I know I didn't feature Atmospheric, Dark, Fusion, Industrial, Melodic, Sludge, Stoner, etc, etc, etc here. The graphic is already crowded enough as it is ^_^
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Just give every band it's own genre. Posers solved.

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Funnily enough, I've started listening to the heavier genres (mainly Death) before the first and/or lighter ones (Heavy, Symphonic). I love when it's heavy and raw, so do I love when it's more melodic and atmospheric. There's no really sub-genres that I dislike.

I've also recently learned than most of the extreme metal sub-genres would have not existed without Hardcore Punk, so I'm also starting to listen to some metal-sounding punk music like Crust.
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im the alt rock type in this pic
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I know for a fact that I'm on the lower end of the scale (the more hardcore ones I listen to are Evanescence, Within Temptation, Linkin Park, that sort), but this is a pretty good reference chart.

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Funny enough, I can't get into anything harder than gothic or symphonic metal.

I can't STAND growling.

My types of bands are Nightwish, Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre (except it's more rock), Within Temptation, HIM, Epica, Kamelot, Apocalyptica, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Blutengel, and the musician Adrian Von Ziegler and the singer Tarja Turunen.
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I like all sorts of music including some pop and some metal...
...It amuses me that there are people out there who can't understand how I'm possible! :D
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I'm using this if you don't mind. 
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Sure, go ahead.  It's not as if I'm the only person who's ever felt that way. :)
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I fall under the pop fan, since I'm not very fond of metal. (It has to do with metal's tendency to be very loud, and I have sensory issues.)
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Funny, I'd say my attitude is just past the middle between "Dark poetry" and "Faster!" but sub-genre progression wise I'm further along, currently deep in Death Metal and Deathcore as my heaviest listens.
Anywho great image, pretty damn accurate...
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I always Lean in between Nu/Alternative and Power.
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Traditional Heavy Metal fan here: This graphic is 100% accurate.
Man, all those stupid subgenres...
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I'm probably the chick that's third from the left at the top.
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I'm also in the genre of Alternative & Nu Metal to Progressive Metal.
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I can handle and accept listening to every metal subgenre. I'm completely desensitized to listening to the most heaviest, most brutal and most intense metal subgenres. :D (Big Grin)
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Why it´s not The Glam Metal?
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lol not quite the case for me i went from thrash to symphonic to nu to power to black/death and really don't give a shit about stupid "blacked death doom metal" like, it doesn't mean anything. still love this, to the people who think it's offensive, it is a joke.
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i am a speed and thrash metal fan and i can say this is kinda offensive.
still cool.
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Refer to observation C
Kinda did this a while ago.
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I favorited this along while back but someone screencapped and posted an unsavory message on a forum about how I supposedly didn't get the point of this picture and how they think i'm 'talking out of my ass' when it comes to art,  but this does in a way accurately portray musical tastes when it comes to metal in some forum,  I admit the more extreme ones aren't to my taste but I tolerate them.
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I found that only because i am a metal fan..
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What about classical music?
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