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Water Demo Assignment - He dares

By M-e-z
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Geeeez.  it's been forever since I've drawn a thing.  Doing these assignments though felt like a nice little re-introduction.  It's also reassuring to know I've not forgotten how to draw LMAO

So I'm reliably told that Ruben would have got punished big time for this.  Lots of extra, torturous training for hours on end.  And guess what?  Yuukiro had to do it as well (sorry Yuukiro).  I'd like to say he learnt his lesson but..... lol nah. 

i'm sure Ruben would have managed to scrape a pass.  he would have mustered a tiny drop of water, similar to Yuukiro's attempt:


All round pathetic really, but Ruben just isn't in the right mood to actually try hard - he's just going to do 'barely enough' and that's it LOL

Ruben (c) Me!
Shamira (c) :iconbloodnspice:
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gives ruben a star like--  sarcastic gold star you didn't even try

watch shamira confiscate that soaker, then squirt him with it every time he acts up
also squirts Day with it whenever she annoys Shamira-- //HIT

But anyway, this assignment looks LOVELY, MEZ!!  You did so amazing aaaaaaAAAA!!!  Hyped Rowlett 
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Lol! Ruben is halarious!
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