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Survey Assignment - Escape Room

By M-e-z
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It won't categorise a MP4, so here's a link to it in my stash for the actual thing!: sta.sh/0xg7f2z7pm8


This needed 'out of the box' thinking apparently - I took that a bit literally and imagined there were boxes, where stuff could be taken out for his use to escape!  I figure those boxes were probably locked too but I couldn't be bothered to draw that as well... LOL

Soooo Ruben would have unlocked all the boxes pretty quick.  He loves a puzzle and he's an expert lock pick.  He would have 'played' with the stuff first - probably behaved like an excited kid opening presents...even when time was against him ie: room starting to flood.  He would have kept his cool though and relied heavily on his intelligence and his creative ability to build to get him out.  I think he would have weakened the door first though with some kind of freezing around it, before fixing the self-made mini-explosives.  

He mayyy have annoyed the officers because truth is, he could have been out there in minutes.  But nooooo...he would have LET the room get pretty full of water...so he'd get a good water ride out of it.  

I wanted to do something that was very 'Ruben' - and I hope this shows his intelligent and playful side.  The animation/video sequencing was a complete after thought.  I'm no animator.  Just wanted to tell a fun lil story and it beat shoving these frames onto one massive canvas.

Ruben (c) Moi!
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ohhhhhhh my gosh, ruben you clever lil shit you  Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]
Wouldn't expect anything less of him!! 

And congrats on getting this finished!  There are SO many items here and the entire mp4 is just fantastic!  Deeeefinitely shows off just how clever and mischievous your fella can be, heeehee!  And it also goes to show your own skill, absolutely Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right 
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Aww thank you so much Silve!  Yeah tagging this all together was a laugh.  I made so many mistakes!  But well - I did it.  :)  Did learn some things through those mistakes mind you, so that's always good right?  >w<!
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Yes yes!  All the better that the process turned out enjoyable!  Can't wait to see more of your shenanigans!  ;)