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DAMMED Secret Santa 2016 - Adele

By M-e-z
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Soooooo I haven't been around much lately and nor have I drawn in a while, and it's taking a lil bit to get back into.  I love doing Secret Santa though - especially the Dammed one.  It's like TOTAL TRADITION!  Yeah! Love it! But um...I don't like all the flapping I do, worrying about whether my version looks remotely like the owner's.  Pretty sure I missed a bajillion things X'D  LOLOLOLOLOL I love Adele.  She's such a gorgeous design, great character too...I'm not sure I pulled her off in my style, buuuuut it was a nice chance to indulge in a whole bunch of warm colours (yeah probabaly over indulged there...I have no restraint, just generally tbh - whoops!)

Well monde-fou - I hope you like it.  I hope you had a fantabulous christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2017! <3
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I love the finished piece Mez!
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Thanks SD!  :'D
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BOOM, BABY, you made a fine darlin!!  That demon head was a really great touch, too :y
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Haha!  Thanks Silv.  I did a bunch of studies of animals a few weeks back, I think it got my confidence enough to give something like that a try!
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My gosh, Adele is absolutely stunning! ; U ; Gorgeous work as always!~
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Magiiiiiiiic!  And wow thank you so much!  ;7;
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aaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHH MEZ!!! I love this!!!! The colors, the demon head, everything!!! IT LOOKS SO GOOD TT_TT TY FOR DRAWIN MY DUMB KID <33333333 
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Thanks Mumei!  >w<
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Wow this is so amazing, you have improved so damned much on your people and anatomy too :)
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Hey Dune!  And really?  Haha!  Wow that's lovely to know.  I've felt like I'm at a bit of an impasse artwise, but I'm super happy it at least looks like I'm getting somewhere to other people! 
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Hellz yeah it does, and your so welcome XD
Impass artwise, whatcha mean by that?
Does that mean you'll draw me a request to prove otherwise hahaha jk :p

But yeah i think you have improved to me :)
Keep it for real, for what it's worth. I think k your doing great :)
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Awwww ty Sham!
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Anytime!!!! > w < 
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Ahahaha!  Awww thank you so much Aimee!  ;U;
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MEZ THIS LOOKS SO NICE *A* I especially like the use of warm colors and just the overall atmosphere of the piece :love: I think Adele looks amazing in your style~!<3
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