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Exhibitions at Ginza, Tokyo

Thu Nov 29, 2012, 9:08 PM
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Recently, I often participate in many exhibitions in the gallery in Tokyo.

Amore Ginza Gallery [link]

This is a gallery where only  female artists gather.
It is very quiet and fruitful space.

If there is an opportunity for you to go to Tokyo, please visit this amazing gallery !!

Thanks a lot ! Everybody !!

Thu Apr 12, 2012, 7:04 AM
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This is my second DD.
But the first time that the fractal work was chosen.

I am happy to know that my fractal works also could please you.

A lot of thanks for Minato-Kushina, n8iveattitude1 and

I'm going to do my best !!

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Hay fever season has come !

I cannot go out daytime.  Even in my house, I suffer from itchiness of eyes and sneezing.
I want to see cherry blossoms under the blue sky ~~~~ T_T
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I uploaded new digital work.

Since March 11th, my mind has sunk under the wave.

August is the month that is to pray to the dead in Japan.
I finished up this piece as a requiem and as a hope for the rebirth.
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Thank you !

Thank you very much everyone !!

My work ' Red Moon ' had been chosen in  Daily Deviation on 2011.4.17.

I feel very honored and I cannot find the words to express my pleasure.
I am very happy that many people come and look my gallery.

I keep making an effort to create a better work.

About a mouth from the hitting by huge earthquake and Tsunami…

I am fine. I live in the far place from Tohoku.

My body is fine. But my spirit have been wounded.

I have been drawing new work. I noticed I was trying to represent my Budda image.

To pray for all victims ……
  • Reading: 'White As Snow' Tanith Lee
Welcome to my page, and thank you for visiting.

If I was good at English, I could tell you more.
So, I am going to submit many works.
The works will tell you about me more than any words.