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Just realized I had deleted the ol' FAQ page and never put a new one up... x: I think there's a few missing, but I'm in the middle of break so I'm in quite a hurry;;;;;;

·Tools used:
Digital · Photoshop CS6 + WACOM 
Traditional · Copic Markers | Ink (Deleter or Copic) | Pencil | Watercolor

·Are you open for commissions?
Not opening yet, since I'm busy with various freelance gigs + graphic design job atm. 

·Do you sell prints of your work?
Yes, I have selected prints and various other merch at Society6.

·Could I use your work for...?
As long as you credit, you may post it, use it for your personal graphics, whatever, just make sure to link back.

·Could you work/provide artwork for our project (for free)?
I only take paid jobs. Such is life. u_u''

Feel free to ask anything not stated here. That said, I'm sorry I don't answer notes most times. Sometimes I'll be away for so long, or I'm tired of answering the same thing (freeloaders, I'm looking at you). You can hit me up on Twitter/Tumblr if you feel I went awol again. x: Thank you.

- - - - - - 
 Site || Tumblr || Twitter || Facebook

Hello~ writing up a quick update (as I devour dinner). I barely update anything other than art here, so let me use this moment... ( - x - )''' Been busy working on various things as usual, yet I haven't had much time to work on personal stuff lately... Not how I used to at least! I'm happy tho, I've met and collaborated with some wonderful people, learning an awful lot, too. This year has been interesting so far.
Also, I've been meaning to work on an artbook featuring my lolita works. But I have to create more content for it... ( . _ . ) Perhaps include a small comic and some step-by-step thing? 
Anyway, here are some lolita events featuring my work (and previous reasons I was busy hahah).

~ July 26 ~
Palacio de las Orquídeas Expo (in collaboration w/ Lolita Snaps)
Caracas ComicCon, Venezuela
Lolita fashion expo with artists from around the world.

~ August 29 ~
Association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban Est
Nancy, France
Modern Doll Fest
Some of my works are part of the exhibit (for sale too), including some limited postcards for sale.

~ August 30 ~
Association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban Est
Nancy, France
East Tea Party II
One of my pieces can be won at the event's raffle!

For any lolitas in these areas, I hope you could check it out~

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  • Watching: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  • Eating: Black rice with squid and its ink.


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