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Charcoal and Digital portrait - Jon Snow

By M-art-works
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Charcoal and Digital portrait - Jon Snow

Charcoal and Digital portrait of Jon Snow(Game Of Thrones).

This artwork was made as experiment, thankful to the collaboration with my friend and supporter Betnawr  , whose has been so kind to add the digital colour over my charcoal portrait, obtaining a higher realism! :la: 

If you want to follow my art even more you can follow me on my instagram account    Instagram-icon by GreatTimeForTEA www.instagram.com/martworks_/?…  
I would advise also to follow the art of this amazing artist on    Instagram-icon by GreatTimeForTEA www.instagram.com/betnawr/

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 Enjoy! I am a dummy! 

 Made by M-art-works
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The drawing is incredible, but i has start to think he was so similar to the mexican
youtuber Luisito Comunica or the Argentine Che Guevara for me. The clothes looks so admirable for the reason of have a good tone of the plumes, the color effects is amazing, the hair is detailing pretty well, to realistic, the face of him, edit with the white skin and the black border effects on the skin, the little light that i see in the eyes are incredible, the moustache is amazing detailed, the nose is good making about the form and size, ones more, you did make another complete and excellent work with a epic design and quality.
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this is amazing! the combination of both charcoal and digital painting made him so lifelike. I love it!
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Thanks a lot!! I'm glad you like it!! 
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awesome, so realistic!:) (Smile) 
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You flatter me with your comments! :la:
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you are a great artist!:) (Smile) 
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Wonderful work, Martino!! :la:
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Thank you so much Sophia! :la:
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That is amazing!
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Whao, amazing art! :o
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Except his eyes just little bit weird (just my opinion not a critique, i don't draw therefore i don't critique), everything is awesome and so neat ... as you can do so great !
Wonderful work !
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I'm happy that you gave me the opportunity to read a useful critique of yours! Thanks a lot! :la:
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My pleasure man !
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