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Love It!!!!!
botanicus-fireside's avatar
Wolves just always give me this sense of "wilderness" that I love.
clearskys23's avatar
call i use this? i will credit you
I really like this, I would like your permission to use it as a title screen in my video, I will list your name in the credits.
TheAmberDragon999's avatar
Wolves are the most amazing animals out there! You've done a great job at drawing the beauty of the night and the wolves.
allywhitekit's avatar
Beautiful!! I am using this on a banner, if I may. Thank you!
Can I use Your images for commerial project? I'd like to make earrings with your graphics.
ScorpionFlower24's avatar
Wow! Nice backgorund! Love it!
snowywolf7's avatar
Absolutely amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. *smiles and wags tail happily*
BlueWind09's avatar
absolutely gorgeous
Zel-the-Wolf's avatar
How the heck do you do that!!!! It's absolutely stunning!
Glo15's avatar
Totally incredible... Love it SO much!!
zoolana's avatar
can i us for group picture
MirandaLovegood's avatar
WOW is incredible.
moroaik's avatar
Lol. This is very nice. İ kinda had the same image in the mind for some months but never drew it. :D Heheh. Yours its better :D
FlowerMaidenApril's avatar
amazing... it is very beautiful...
Kirokami's avatar
God this is beautiful..
RosarkaHamill's avatar
Nicely done! I love these kind of "shadowfigures and bright colors" type pictures (I've painted and photoshopped a few myself :) )
seasons1234's avatar
That looks beautiful!
AllieOllie's avatar
BitingShadow's avatar
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