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Heal the Terrible Fate
I shouldn’t post this. If he finds it and knows that I discovered his secret... but then again, I could always be wrong. He might make an example of me to lead you guys on the wrong track, but he might ignore me because I’m wrong. Still, as many people as possible need to know this. This has to be revealed. His main power lies in fear; if we banish that fear, he’s not nearly as deadly.
He’s a plague, spreading from person to person. He compels us to spread him through fear; he can kill us, he can torture us, he can thoroughly screw with our minds, but he can’t force us to spread him. That’s our choice. The thing is we’re weak. We crack under pressure and mental strain... well, most of us. The asshole deserves to rot in the deepest part of hell... if he’s all monster.
I guess I should stop dilly dallying and get to the point. There is an entity among us. Some of you know him... it... I don’t honestly know if it has a damn gender, the
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 7 4
The Elegy of Creepypasta

Well well well, isn’t this a surprise?
What is this sight that meets my eyes?
I remember you from that tour,
Yet here you are, still so pure!
Would you like to go back again?
Return to our little, creepy den?
Your silence I will take, as a yes,
I am not surprised, I do confess,
So now let’s go, continue, progress.
Welcome back, the land remains,
It never changes, trapped in chains,
We are locked to it’s ground, an uneasy truce,
But could you imagine us if loose?
I digress, here’s a resident!
Isn’t his gnashing just so pleasant?
Grey and bony, clawed with fangs,
In the glowing eyes, your life now hangs!
This one sits by your bed,
Whispering stories, summoning dread!
Well Oh well, there it goes!
In this land filled with foes,
One must move quick and silent,
Lest us monsters get too violent.
In this twilight, we move on,
No use waiting for dusk or dawn.
Don’t you dare pet that dog with a smile,
Don’t even look, your sanity would find it so vil
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 193 73
Spirits Of The Desert
“Grahhh! How have I gotten so lost in this damned desert?” The large Sceptile swiveled it’s head to look at it’s poor trainer.
“Tile?” It inquisitively asked. The trainer absently waved her hand at the Lizard Pokémon, attempting to focus on the map in her hands.
“Give me a sec Gecky. I’m trying to figure out where we are on this town map.” The woman muttered. She brushed her auburn hair back and adjusted her Go-Goggles. She wore long blue pants and a puffy red sweater. It made her sweat in the sweltering  heat, but it protected her from the harsh, stinging sandstorm that plagued this route.
This Trainer’s name was Elizabeth, and she was trying to get to Mauville City. There was to be a Pokémon tournament there, with the grand prize being a battle with ex-champion Steven Stone. She absolutely couldn’t miss that! Now...
“If only I could find my way out of this desert...” She whispered to hers
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 7 5
Chains Of Fate -- A Platinum Storylocke Chapter 5
Sean walked out of the gate onto Route 203. The air seemed fresher to Sean, although it might have been his relief at getting away from the crowds of the city. Inhaling deeply, he released Regole from his Pokéball. Regole appeared in the flash of white light, and stretched.
“Finally! Do you know how cramped it gets in there? Gah!” Regole complained, stretching his fins behind his head. Sean smiled at his irate companion.
“Just help me find Diamond, Regole.” He said, beginning to look down the route. Regole dived into the bushes, searching off the route, farther into the bushes and grass. It wasn’t long before they found Diamond.
“Diamond!” Sean called, waving his right arm. Diamond smiled, and rushed over.
“Sean! Good to see you! Sorry I took off. I was kinda impatient to see what type of Pokémon lived here.” Sean grinned at his friend.
“No worries. I just wanted to give you this.” Sean lifted one of the ba
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Chains Of Fate -- A Platinum Storylocke Chapter 4
“...and that’s the basics of catching a Pokémon, and what Pokémon centers do for you. Got all that?” Dawn asked, turning to Sean. He nodded. They were just on Route 202, and Dawn was just finishing up explaining the basics of being a Pokémon trainer.
“I’ve got it Dawn,” He said. “I’ll really get it when I actually do it.” Dawn nodded.
“Totally understandable. Anyway, I’ve got to get to the next town. Maybe I’ll see you there!” She turned and sprinted off, her bag flying out behind her. Sean watched until he lost sight of her amongst the swaying tall grass. Regole chose this moment to pop his head out.
“FINALLY! Do you know how annoying it is to not directly talk to you while she’s around?” Regole asked Sean. He simply sighed.
“Sorry Regole, I’d like as few people as possible to know that I can talk to Pokémon. Diamond was the only exception, and that w
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 0 1
Chains Of Fate -- A Platinum Storylocke Chapter 3
Sean stood on the edge of the tall grass of Route 201. Often, he would just sit by the edge of the tall grass, and gaze across the route, dreaming what lay on the other side. He could almost envision it without even looking at the scenery. The trees on both sides, the small path overgrown with short tufts of Oddish-like grass and the wavy, tall grass that had always daunted him. Sean took a deep breath. Now, I become a true trainer. Sean lifted his foot and then hesitated. Was he really ready for this? Steeling his nerves, he exhaled, and walked into the tall grass for the first time.
Sean kept glancing around nervously, watching like a Sentret. Even if he had never gone into the tall grass, he had seen others attacked by the wild Pokémon defending their homes. Soon he was out of the first patch, however, without a hitch.
“HEY!” A voice cried out from his waist. Sean looked down at Regole, still in his Pokéball. “As much as I love being carried around, c
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 0 1
Chains Of Fate -- A Platinum Nuzlocke Chapter 2
"AAUUGH!" Diamond screamed as his Turtwig fainted. Regole pretended to look at his fin in contempt. "HOW COULD I LOSE?!" Diamond howled. Sean nervously stepped up.
"H-hey, Diamond. You never attacked; all you did was growl Pongo." Diamond stopped pulling at his hair.
"You're right! I actually have to attack, don't I?" Sean nodded. Diamond slapped his forehead. "DUH! I am such a moron sometimes. Alright Sean, see ya! I'm going to show my Mom my new Pokemon!" Diamond dashed off, heading back to Twinleaf Town. Sean gazed at Pongo, who was busy staring out at Verity Lake.
"What's wrong?" Sean asks. Regole shook his head.
"Nothing. Why don't you show me your home?"
*An hour later...*
"...and this is my room!" Sean gestured to the room. Regole looked around, not too impressed.
"This is seriously it? This is all?" Sean looked away in silent embarrassment.
"Well... to put not too fine a point on it, yeah. We're a little poor, so we could barely afford this house. When I got to 'that' age, my m
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 0 0
Chains Of Fate -- A Platinum Nuzlocke Chapter 1
"Wake up! Come on, wake up!" Sean blinked his eyes, blinded by the light streaming in through his window. His bedroom had a window on the far side by the stairs, while his bed was tucked away in the corner. A woman with blue hair obscured his view of his computer and TV in the corner. Sean smiled sheepishly.
"Hey mom. What's wrong?" She shook her head in dismay.
"Sean! Today's the day you agreed to show Diamond around! You know he's new here!" Sean's eyes widened at the fact.
"Right!" He exclaimed. He got up and started searching his dresser for some new clothes. "If he shows up, tell him I'll be right down!" Sean's mom sighed.
"He's already here. I told him to wait outside. Be quick!" She walked down the stairs to the main room. Sean quickly threw on some clothes and looked in the mirror. He wore a red and black t-shirt, with a white hooded sweater overtop. His blue jeans that he always wore were slightly baggy, and he wore his hair spiked up in the front.
"Good enough..." He grumbled
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A Moment's Rest

I sit ‘round the fireplace, the room dark,
All alone, wondering what had happened.
I stay there for hours, thinking of him.
I walk outside, in the numbing white snow,
Wondering how everything could be wrong.
Underneath the barren trees, gravely go,
I walk with him right by my side, oh why?!
Why is he always by my side? This man,
Of calm black, and face ever clouded, his
Hood, much like funeral shroud I know.
He’s waiting for me, but I refuse,
To ever join this cruel, gentle stranger.
I come to a meadow, blank like canvas,
Memories float by, whispering to me
I see my wife under a tree, dozing,
Then my child beside her, warm yet cold.
I go to the tree, he’s behind me now.
I lay on the familiar snow, I sigh,
Next to me are my wife and child, home
In their boxes without windows or light,
And he sits beside, cruelly caressing,
My eyes flutter shut, I long left the cold.
Yet no sleep is as deep as their sleep is,
Lying in their beds of earth and soil.
He refuses to help
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 2 0
Why does nobody SMILE?
The thing about creepypasta is the... fact that it seems so unreal. Does that make sense? We scare ourselves with them, and then laugh at it, saying how it's so fake, and unrealistic. These are our defense mechanisms at work. We make it seem so unbelievable that we laugh at our fears.
This was our first mistake.
...strike one...
Because of this falseness, we discard the information, laughing it off. These stories were from possible survivors, or people who have researched these... these monsters themselves. They can tell us how to get away. Yet, we discard the valuable information.
This is the second mistake.
Strike two... Be cautious...
Yet the greatest folly we have is when someone we know, someone we see every day starts complaining about something. Something... oddly similar to these tales... He talks about a deformed creature, with claws and glowing eyes... She talks about a tall man, with long limbs... our mind jumps to these images... we see our monsters right in f
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 14 18
Creepypasta Lullaby

Come little children, come with me,
I'll take you to a land of fantasy,
Have you heard, of this great place?
It's called Creepypasta, the land you'll grace.
My friends who live here are great and strong,
Mightier than even Donkey Kong.
We are here, it looks quite dreadful,
You can't leave, don't make me chuckle!
You are trapped, here in this place,
I am your guide, you can't replace,
So follow me pace for pace.
Here we go, the walk has started.
Come now, and don't be so guarded!
Here we have a murderer now, he's on that mound.
He'll kill you quick, faster than sound.
His face is white, his smile is big,
He'll say "Go to sleep", and snap you like a twig.
Do not wail, and do not weep!
It's not time for you to go to sleep!
We have more, much more to see,
So come along, and follow me!
Next on our list, is something strange,
A pokemon, well that's a change!
This little one was abandoned so!
He once was a Brother, is that so low?
Now in this land, he calls for blood,
He became a monster,
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 969 376
The Slenderman watches...
He creeps through the woods, never seen,
He watches you with a desire so keen.
Don't blame him when he comes for you,
Or me, because I told you true,
The less you know, the better,
So don't ask, unless you want an answer.
He's a creature of the mind, spawned from fear,
The more you know, the more likely you will find him sneer,
At you, for your foolishness of creating him, a creature of which there is no control.
He will grab you with his tentacles, grasping for your soul.
His face empty of expressing, he will rip you apart,
Then return to the forest, questing for a new start.
He cannot be killed or confounded, he's a pox on all of man,
So whatever you do, beware the Slenderman.
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 16 11
The Fall From Glory
Pokémon is a passion for me. Ever since I played my first game, Pokémon Crystal, I try to get every little taste. The only Pokémon games I have not played are the Rangers spin-off series, and the original three. It's almost become an obsession for me. Yet, I digress.
As I said, I really love Pokémon. Something has always bugged me about the games though, and I'm sure it occurred to you too. Whatever happened to the protagonists? Red climbed Mt. Silver, but after we beat him, that's the last we hear from him. Then Gold, Ruby, Crystal, Sapphire, all the other protagonists vanish. We never are told what happens to them, we simply never see them until the remakes, if they do get remakes. Well, I am here to tell you what happens. I warn you though, knowledge is not always best to have.
I stumbled upon this by complete and utter accident. I was playing my Pokémon Platinum game one last time, before I would transfer my Pokémon over to White. Now, I try and suppor
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 22 36
A Cold Shoulder
It was cold. Now most of you are probably thinking, "But you're an ice type! And to top it off, you have all that fur! How could you possibly be cold Piloswine?" Well, that may be true, but this was... an unnatural cold.
I seemed to be in some sort of cavern, but I was not quite sure. It was too dark; all I could really see was some small stalagmites and stalactites.  This unnatural cold was not cold, in a literal sense, more like... You know how the hair stands on end, and you feel cold all over your body? Like that, but instead of passing quickly, it stayed with me.
Shaking my head, I started forward into the gloom. Maybe I could find my trainer, or some of my friends. Where were they anyway? I passed rock after rock, but the cavern didn't look any different as I progressed. I started to get scared.
"Where are you?! Kyla? Meganium? Guys?" I shouted into the darkness, but it was almost like it swallowed up my words, as not even an echo returned to me. Shivering, I continued
:iconm-a-f-r-a:M-A-F-R-A 11 24


Markiplier's Mustache by wilesjeffery2152 Markiplier's Mustache :iconwilesjeffery2152:wilesjeffery2152 96 17
47. Creation
Giratina was a confusing soul.
Arceus had come upon this conclusion when they had met each other in the reaches of nothingness. She seemed perfectly content that there was nothing, but he had wanted to take from this nothing and make something.
Hence his creation if the two beings who set forward the motion of time and created the nothingness into space. Dialga and Palkia had done their job in a very good way. Giratina had almost destroyed them, but Arceus was much stronger than her. She never succeeded.
But Arceus was still not satisfied. From his powers, he created an egg. From this egg hatched three tiny beings who brought new meaning forward. They brought knowledge, emotions and willpower, which gave him the ingredients he needed to create...
Giratina was displeased. She cursed Arceus's newest creations, sub-beings he had named 'humans'. "None of them shall live forever," she had roared. "Every single human shall meet their end of life and when they do...they will see
:iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 9 14
dA stamp - Writing is art, too by Valen-san dA stamp - Writing is art, too :iconvalen-san:Valen-san 1,426 96 Random Doom Makeover by TamarinFrog Random Doom Makeover :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 808 133 Link vs Volvagia - Zelda OoT by wynahiros Link vs Volvagia - Zelda OoT :iconwynahiros:wynahiros 4,062 450 Zelda Oot - Hail to the Queen by wynahiros Zelda Oot - Hail to the Queen :iconwynahiros:wynahiros 4,312 460 Fat Phase by Expression Fat Phase :iconexpression:Expression 317 74 Random SCP Button by SurnThing Random SCP Button :iconsurnthing:SurnThing 594 353
Quest for Possibilities 06
Chapter Six: Lights Out!
Who the hell said any of you get a taste stupid?
Do you ever wanna get up all in your face?
You better take it
And nothin' you can do could make me ever go away
Fake it
Poor baby I'm gonna make it all okay
Punch your lights out
Hit the pavement
That's what I call entertainment
Causin' problems makes you famous
All the violence makes a statement
Punch your lights out
Hit the pavement
That's what I call entertainment
Causin' problems makes you famous

I was so mad at myself. What was I thinking trying to send out a fire type against a rock type? Because of my own stupidity, Brompton was gone. I couldn't forgive myself after that.
"White...?" Jun nuzzled my leg. "Listen...I know it was bad, but you have to remember we're all here for you. If it helps you...I'll take Brompton's place as the fire type for the team. I know there's no replacing him ever as a pokemon...but we can still press on. I don't think he'd want y
:iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 3 10
The Home of Creepypasta by Expression The Home of Creepypasta :iconexpression:Expression 937 253 II - Majora by Henskelion II - Majora :iconhenskelion:Henskelion 322 60
Competitive Battling Guide (V1.1)
Cataclyptic's guide to competitive battling!
Version: 1.1
El Table of Contents
0: Introduction
1: Team Building
2: EV's and IV's and all that other stat junk
3: The Standard
4: The Banned List
5: Simulators VS Wifi
11/2/12: Snow cloak and Sand veil banned
    Garchomp no longer banned
0: Introduction
So, how many of you are tired of proving how awesome you are by beating the Elite Four? Over and over again… and again… and again…
There is a solution to your boredom- the Metagame of Pokemon! In other words, human versus human, battling it out for the gold! Or just another point of the victory tab! Either way you'll be less bored! Yays!
But, human versus human can b
:iconcataclyptic:Cataclyptic 4 6
Landwalker's nuzlocke -part 0 by land-walker Landwalker's nuzlocke -part 0 :iconland-walker:land-walker 232 136 Samus Aran: Battlescars by transfuse Samus Aran: Battlescars :icontransfuse:transfuse 5,426 466 Norfair Depths by transfuse Norfair Depths :icontransfuse:transfuse 3,586 384
Night Light - short film :iconqinni:Qinni 37,633 5,190


Hello there. Sorry I have not been active lately. I've had difficulty getting motivated due to an upcoming vacation. I'm going to be gone for a week or two, so don't expect any activity (Not that there's been much anyway).

By the by Kai, I'm trying to get motivated on your request, but if I work on it unmotivated, it won't come out very well, and I don't want that to happen.

Bon Voyage!
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