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It's just a me

It is me, someone who's often found by the roadside, trying to survive. Maybe I fall into paranoia. Maybe I am someone else. But enough of that existential crisis 2deep4you thing.

Quiet and distant, perhaps cold at first but actually warm once one gets to actually know me. I also tend to just show up, do things like upsetting earthquakes and messing the natural order before disappearing.

I make art and plan to make a living of it, perhaps as a gamedev or illustrator.

Meanwhile, I also make games. RPG Maker stuff, but still.

Currently developing Dye in the Sky, Louise's Intense Afternoon and another unnamed project. Don't know when will it be out, so don't ask.

Creator of the following (fan)games:




Bx: Execute


I worked a while in Toontown: Dessert Storm, Corporate Clash and Cog Invasion Online. Currently I work on Toontown Offline, as well as Yami Project. My opinions are my own and do not reflect the games I work on.

Would I be a worklover? Perhaps. It's part of what makes me feel alive.

Tools of the Trade
Tablet+computer combo, ocasionally paper and pencils
Yo I made an artfight: https://artfight.net/~SpectrumW

Commission info - DA version

Commission info - DA version

Note: All of those prices are strictly paypal/money only in USD. DA points are not allowed. Note 2: The payment must be made upfront before the work is done.(no speculative work) Note 3: Please DM me about any possible graphic content you want me to make. Note 4: I do not accept complex mecha in the general digital and painting sections. Commission types: Pixel Art Prices must be settled between the buyer and the artist if the original, non-zoomed in piece exceeds 256 pixels in height and width. A static piece of pixel artwork goes for USD $10 An animated pixel artwork goes for USD $10 + $3 per additional frame. A pixellated icon avatar goes for $5 if it is 64 px or less. Otherwise, it is $10 Tilesets section $25 dollars if the base square is 16px $37 dollars if the base square is 24px $50 dollars if the base square is 32px $75 dollars if the base square is 48px General Digital Art Lineart and Simple/Cell Shaded USD$16 per piece, with additional $4 with
I'll miss Eclipse for a while if it's CORE only :x

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Peri-DragonchuHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey your ToonTown art is freakin awesome!! You do you draw so good? ;w;
M-256Hobbyist Digital Artist

How? Mostly me drawing and doing practice. : )

I hope you'll like this belated B-Day muro gift, I did my best with this one using my heart :blushes:

Many happy returns ^_^

Strawberry Cream Cake with candles 50x50 icon 3DK Purple Cake with candles 50x50 icon Melon Cake with candles 50x50 icon 2DK Blue Cake with candles 50x50 icon 3DK White Purple Cake with candles 50x50 icon 
MissVirginie100Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :D I hope you'll have a nice day! ^^
I hear your birthday's coming up in a couple of days and I wanted to make or plan something special for you now that that I and a friend of mine made some drawpiles of our own last night and another two nights before ^///^ So what do you like me to make for your birthday? ^.^
M-256Hobbyist Digital Artist

You could draw something, maybe a character you like from me. : )