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Without Fear : Prologue [Daredevil/Batman]
May 20, 1999
Hell's Kitchen
New York City

Patrick Malone eyed the white NYPD Crown Victoria for maybe a few seconds too long. Maybe he was too paranoid, maybe he was too tired from having been on the run all night and all day so far, maybe he was just more used to an all-black Chevrolet Caprice as being a 'cop car' in his eyes. He didn't dwell on it as he saw one of the cops inside looking back.
Of course the New York cops had been given his description. The Crime of the Century had been pinned on him back in Gotham. They'd have his description halfway around the world by now.
The two cops were talking. Does that guy look like the suspect for the murders in New Jersey, he imagined one said. Yeah, the other replied, reaching for the radio.
Malone reached into his pocket, thumbing back the hammer as he drew...
Officer Hoffman had barely picked up his handset when the suspicious individual drew a revolver and fired three shots at the windscreen. He and his partner dived down, suffe
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Superman Somewhat Reluctantly Saves Christmas...
...Because Frankly Everyone Seems To Do It At Least Once And Seriously What Is Green Arrow Going To Do To Save Christmas Anyway I Mean He Seems More Skilled For Saving Valentines Day But As Far As I Know That's Not Happened At Least In Recent Continuity Huh That Might Actually Be Pretty Funny It's A Pity Arrow Plays Itself Serious Enough They Can't Do That I Mean They Do Have Jokes And Stuff And It's Not Like DCEU Levels Of Gritty Super Serious Or Anything But (Get on with it - Ed) Oops Sorry.
"Oh no Superman help help," Lois Lane sighed, wishing that other people would say it for once or better yet the Kryptonian would get a friggin' special phone or something. I mean, how hard could it be to get the 911 dispatch to redirect to a burner?
Her musings were interrupted by the arrival of the Man of Steel.
"Morning, what's up this time? Lex Luthor in the study with the Revolver?"
"That's Clue, Superman, and can I just say, nice job on not bothering to stop his sch
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Along Came A Spider: Part 1, Chapter 1
Along Came A Spider, a Spider-Man/Miraculous Ladybug Crossover
Learning to Crawl
The Family Business

The short version: In the early sixties, Grampa Parker was bitten by a strange spider. In the early eighties, Aunt May learned she could climb walls literally. In the nineties, my dad began doing the same thing. My cousin inherited the powers of the spider, and thanks to needing an emergency blood transfusion, my sort-of cousin that my aunt looks after also accidentally got himself some spider-powers. The new tens saw them both start wall-crawling in the family business.
But they all lived in New York at the time. My parents moved to Paris when I was four. I was thinking, maybe it's time I branched out. Paris and New York are basically pretty close to each other in crime rates. I've got the power. So I figure, time to live up to the responsibility. 
I had two advantages going for me. One, I could benefit from three and a half generations of experience for a
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Pokemon blockbreaker: Meowth, that's wrong.
Team Rocket had emerged, as usual, to ambush Ash and Company. As usual, they were engaging in their standard spiel, which on closer inspection really didn't make any sense, but then again neither did Jessie's hair, so I guess it's even.
"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" James finished, and then paused.
"I said, surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"...I forget, am I supposed to say 'Meowth' or 'Gatomon'?" Asked "Meowth"
"Yeah, I was gonna say, Meowth looks a bit weird today..." Ash said.
"He's on vacation, we're working with a temp," Jessie sighed.
"Not my fault the local 'mon can only say their own names," Gatomon shrugged.
"Pika? Pika-pi!" Pikachu protested.
"I think he said something very rude. Just a guess," Misty said.
"Hang on, I have a phrase book here... Did he say 'Pika? Pika-pi!' or 'Pika! Pika-pi?' there?" 
"First one, I think," James said.
"Ah... That means 'a temp? Seriously, what?'. Well, for your information, you electric rat, catnip is pretty expensive,
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FF9 Blockbreaker: Eiko is Spy
Eiko and Vivi stood in the gardens of Alexandria Castle, beside a fountain. The former wore a cherub costume, the latter an apprehensive look.
"Come on, Vivi, I don't see why you're so against this plan, it's brilliant!" Eiko huffed.
"I don't even know why you want to do it..." Vivi said.
"To spy on Dagger and Zidane of course!"
"But why?"
"To make sure they're getting along right! See, if they think they're alone they won't try to hide anything. And since I'm the princess of Lindblum now it means they need to get along right so that I can have cousins!"
"They're not even married yet..."
"Exactly! And they need to be married to call the magic chocobo that delivers a baby!"
She frowned.
"Although something does seem kind of odd about that now I come to think of it, why would chocobos deliver babies? Don't Moogles deliver things?"
"That's just letters, babies are pretty bulky," Vivi said.
"Good point. Now, help me with my evil scheme! I already have the letters delivered."
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BB Drabble/FF Crossover: Size Matters
The spell was unfamiliar to most of the group, so Selphie, Terra, and Ashe were stunned to see Irvine shrinking. Cloud, however, simply killed the monster.
"Irvine, are you all right?!" Selphie said.
"He shrank?" Ashe spoke up.
"Uh, I'm okay..." the shrunken SeeD said, looking up at the three women now crowded around him.
"You're twelve inches tall, how can you be okay?!" Terra asked.
"Probably because he's a shrunken pervert enjoying the view up your skirts," Cloud sighed as he readied a cure.
"Ashe has shorts," Irvine foolishly noted.
One status reversal later, Irvine ran for his life.
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Mature content
FF8: One Woman Army :iconlz0291:LZ0291 7 9
Star Trek: You Teleport ONE Dog...
As Commander Spock finished the report on the damage from what Uhrua had dubbed a 'tIn logh gho Doch', Captain Kirk pondered two things. One, were things like this going to be common, and two, why was the Klingon name for a big swirly thing in space being used instead of one from a Federation species?
"So, the engines have shut down totally and we will not be able to arrive at MacGuffin VII in time to deflect the gamma ray burst that will strike the colony,  which thanks to the bunkers will not harm any of the colonist but will destroy the unprotected terraforming equipment there, setting back Federation colonisation in the sector for months..."
"It would seem so," Spock said.
"Mister Chekov, what are your results?"
"All personnel aboard the wessel have replied, Captain, and in response to your query, 100% of the crew agree that spatial anomalies wery much suck."
"On that note, Captain, I must ask, why is that a standard crew opinion survey query?"
"I didn't hack that on
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My Little Pony: Flipped A Little And Shaken Up
"Ugh, I ate too much pie," Twilight Sparkle groaned.
"Maybe you found it too difficult to say no to Applejack," Spike said, disdain dripping from the stallion's name
She was not enjoying her assignment to Ponyville, and she'd more or less only just arrived. True, the Apples were nice, and the food had been tasty, but there had been too much nice and too much food. Fortunately, despite Spike's obvious concerns, the boisterous apple farmer was just being polite rather than trying anything... she thought.
Besides, his elder sister Marecina had looked way more sympathetic than worried, and if her own sister was any benchmark, elder siblings were supposed to be overprotective. Wait, did that apply to colt siblings? Maybe that warranted some research...
"What's next?" She said.
"Uh, A pegasus pony called Rainbow Dash is meant to be in charge of clearing the clouds," The baby dragon replied.
Twilight looked up. All but one cloud was gone.
"Well, she's don
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Digimon Tamers: String Theory
"Huh, what's this?" Juri wondered, picking up a small wooden cross.
"I've no idea, but there's some kind of Digital World artefact loose in this park," Ruki noted.
"Gha!" Takato yelled, causing Ruki to turn.
"Uh, I found it," Juri said sheepishly.
Red strings had shot from the wooden cross, striking Takato, who had collapsed like a marionette when Juri dropped it.
"That's a Puppetmon's operating cross. You've just kind of turned Takato into a puppet."
"What?! But I've not got ball joints!" The boy protested.
"As long as that thing is attached to you, you'll only move the way it makes you move, Goggles," Ruki sighed.
Juri picked it back up.
"Hm... Is this dangerous to him?"
"No," Renamon said.
"...Why'd you have to tell her that?!" The hapless boy whined.
"Juri, you can't do that!" Ruki said, reaching out a hand.
"Fine..." The brunette pouted.
"You don't know how to use string puppets, give me it here and I'll make him dance like an idiot!"
"What?!" Takato screeched.
"...Humans are weir
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Digimon Tamers: Swapsie-Daisy...
In the Katou residence, a small shriek was the result that morning.
"Is everything all right?" Tadashi Katou asked, looking into his daughter's room.
"Uh, fine! No problems! Just, uh... stood on something?" Juri claimed.
Her father noted she was still in bed.
Across the city, there was another yelp.
"Renamon? What's up?" Ruki wondered, having been awoken.
"Uh, Ruki, this might sound crazy but I'm actually Juri..."
The red-haired Tamer blinked for a few seconds, then pinched herself.
"Good thing it's not a school day," She sighed before lying back down.
"H-hey! Ruki, I just told you I'm not Renamon! I've swapped places with her or something!"
"It's also six AM."
"It's eight."
"...Oh, okay, well, I'll give, uh, you, a call I guess..."
"Hello?" Renamon said, still very confused as to why she appeared to be in Juri's body.
"Hi, Renamon?"
"Ruki?! How'd you know I... Oh, Juri's in my body isn't she?"
"Uh... Should I come to you?"
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FF9 AU: Dog's Life
"Treno, city of many rich pockets and far too many guards..." Dagger said as they neared said city.
"Wark," Zidane replied unhappily.
"Okay, fine, let's turn you back," She said, dismounting and casting a new spell.
"...Can you turn me male again please?!" Zidane growled, tugging the pink ribbons now in her hair and tail.
"Yes, but in a minute. I have a plan for getting some money in Treno."
"...Does it involve me being a girl?"
"No, being male is probably a better idea, we don't need puppies," Dagger said.
"Good... Wait, wha-"
She then cast another spell, turning him back into a male, but unfortunately, a four-legged one, namely a labrador
"Now, we'll go into the city, and you can snatch purses. No one ever really looks at strays!"
"Grrr..." Zidane voiced his displeasure at this plan.
"Though come to think of it I made you look like you have a pedigree. Aha!"
Zidane yelped as she pointed at a muddy puddle.
"Roll around in that, you'll look like a
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Digimon: Going Swimmingly
On the coast of a small part of the Digital World, there was a problem. A group of Hookmon and Mermaimon had somehow misplaced an important treasure at some point, and had began bickering with each other over who had lost it. This was less than fun for other Digimon in the area.
It was even less fun for Joe and Iori, who both found themselves and their Digimon pretty much forced to search through the caves nearby to find it as no one else had underwater Digimon.
Mimi had offered to 'help', but she mostly seemed to be here for the nearby beach.
"Found anything, Gomamon?" Joe asked as the seal returned from an underwater search.
"Uh, some boots."
"I don't think that's their treasure," Joe sighed. 
Gomamon tossed them back.
"Mimi, can you swim at all?" Gomamon asked her.
"Yep, but not long enough to look. Lillymon's flying around seeing if there's any land entrances..."
"She's sunbathing behind those rocks over there, actually," Joe corrected.
"Well, she must be finished."
"We've got
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Star Wars: Jabba's New Decoration
Jabba the Hutt was a powerful crime lord, even for a Hutt. His palace was adorned with some of the finest riches money - or theft- could obtain. Even the riches of Imperial Centre (or Coruscant to those making a small gesture of defiance against the Empire) paled in comparison sometimes.
Especially one of his latest acquisitions....
Jabba leered as Oola danced, seeing that the Twi'Lek slave was performing well. But he knew she was defiant, and he was looking for an excuse. He had a new favourite toy, and though some of his sycophants and hangers-on seemed to still prefer the Rancor, he did not intend to feed the beast with slaves. Not slave women, anyway. 
"Come Closer..."
He tugged on the chain. As expected, she protested.
"No, I won't! I'd rather die than do this any more!"
He reached down, and pressed a button. Too late, Oola remembered her collar, screaming in fear as it glowed, and then she wa
:iconlz0291:LZ0291 16 2
Digimon: Not A Goo-d Idea... Or Was It?
As the Digimon Kaiser, Ken Ichijouji had came up with numerous crazy schemes, scattering them in numerous slightly less crazy bases across the Digital World. Having reformed, he was trying to clean up his mess where he could. One such base was where he and Miyako Inoue, along with Wormmon and Hawkmon, were presently trying to get into a vault door inside a cave.
"So... you forgot the password?" Miyako repeated.
"Yep. And I forgot to set a security question before you ask."
"Have you tried your birthday?" Hawkmon suggested.
"It's alphanumeric and limited to six characters, has to include at least letter or number," Wormmon shot him down.
"Hmm..." Miyako tried to enter something.
"Miyako, why would I have set the password to your name back then? I was crazy and evil."
"Yeah, but even then I was amazingly cute! ...right?"
"Uh... cuteness of girls wasn't really on my mind back then," Ken said sheepishly.
"Good, it wasn't H1k8r1 or T8k3ru either."
"Uh, did you just say you tried entering th
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Digimon: Birds Of A Feather Rock Together
There had been a form-locking virus outbreak in the Digital World, though seemingly for once, the Japanese Digidestined didn't have to deal with the main trouble. However, the viruses had been spread around the entire digital world, lying dormant inside copies of random objects, threatening to begin infecting the area and blocking any digivolution. All of the digidestined around the word had split up to try and remove them as fast as possible, with Takeru and Pegasusmon heading for a small village on the Server continent where a virus was detected .
"So, this village is full of Pumpkinmon and Soulmon?" Takeru asked.
"Yup. And they've got some strange rules for visitors," Pegasusmon said.
"Like what?"
"You need to wear a costume or they won't let you in to look for the virus. They'll have costumes ready though."
"So they're like some kind of Halloween town or something?"
"Yeah, pretty much..."
They landed outside the town, a walled-off mishmash of witch huts, gothic houses, and pumpkin
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The group TF-TG Contests is running an, er, TF-TG Contest around the concept of "Twinning" (A character turning into another character) here:  Twinning Contest $600 Prize Pool, 1 Week Left!REMINDER: 1 Week Remaining!
Hey, bet you didn’t expect to see us back so soon! Unless you know, you read the journals I guess... Contest theme is simple: Twinning. For those not familiar, Twinning is a term used for TF where a person/character is turned into an exact or near-exact copy of another one.
The start date is April 2nd and the end date is May 31st (With some wiggle room for timezone difference.)
For this contest we will be accepting both mental and non-mental changes in two different categories. Also this time around writing and art entries will be accepted into separate categories as well resulting in a total of four categories.
Art With Mental Change
Art Without Mental Change
Writing With Mental Change
Writing Without Mental Change
This may be a bit confusing but we now have a Discord to more easily provide clarification and support:
For those of you who don't really understand what Twinning is check this folder:

The end date is in just over a week the 31st of May due to some complications the organisers have had, and I'm intending to try enter, but as there are bonus points for advertising I'm doing this.

Oh, and I guess because it might also interest some of the people who watch me to have a go themselves =P
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